Exploring A Better Way To Invest In Real Estate Today - Series 2

Real Estate Sales Representative with RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc.,Brokerage

This week in Canadian Coworker With Riaz Ghani, Remax Gold Realty Inc. "Exploring a Better Way to Invest in Real Estate Today - Series 2".
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Almost all our investors' clients have achieved an average 12% ROI/ year (vs projected 6%), for the past several years.


We get to know our investor clients first -  understand the underlying motivation, why they want to invest? And how knowledgeable they are? Have they invested before or are they first-time investors? What do they already know about real estate investment? Essentially, what do they bring to the table in terms of time, expertise, or experience?

How much initial capital do they plan to invest?  

What is their leveraging capacity (max mortgage they can obtain)?

What is the investment time horizon? Are they short-term or long-term investors? Flippers vs longterm hold? Essentially, when they need their capital and profits back?

Another important consideration: Is the focus on capital gain or rental income?

What is their ROI expectation?

Based on their feedback we do try to educate our clients, clarify questions any misconceptions, and even talk about the investment risk.

Accordingly, we recommend a few investment options most suitable to them.


For a detail discussion and options, please call Riaz Ghani today @ 416-500-5800

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