Factors That Can Boost the Selling Price of a Property

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If you would like to sell your home, you can do a few things to increase its value and sale potential. You may need to fix a few superficial defects and spruce up the place with a fresh lick of paint. Sometimes you have to spend a little money, to make a lot of money. Selling a home can be stressful – but with a few simple tips and tricks, your property will be off the market in no time.


Deep clean


Do not underestimate the impact of deep cleaning your home. You could hire a professional to clean your couch, carpets, and walls – or you can rent the machinery to do it yourself. Clean every spot of your home until it looks sparkling new again. 


Tidy and depersonalise 


A tidy home can make it easier for the buyer to envision what they want to do with the property. Most potential buyers are looking for a blank canvas to make their mark on. Try to remove any personal items from the house, such as family photos and antique furniture. The property should be a clean slate for the buyer to look at and imagine themselves living there. 


Fix superficial defects


Every home shows signs of wear and tear after a while. Walls get a little dirty from grubby fingerprints, and limescale has a tendency to build on kitchen fittings. It’s fairly easy to fix a broken light bulb or a dripping tap – but after a while, we stop noticing and forget about them. Well, potential buyers will notice these defects, and it’s time to fix them. Look out for squeaky floorboards, mouldy window seals and badly fitted laminate flooring. Spend a few weekends fixing these little things to raise your property’s overall value. 




Modern homes sell quicker. If you’re repainting anyway, try to go for a neutral colour palette that makes the space look fresh, new, and sleek. You could even install some fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom for an extra luxurious storage feature. If your wooden kitchen cupboards are looking a little worn, try repainting them to make the kitchen look new again.  




It’s all about the curb appeal these days. Potential buyers will be put off your property if the garden looks a mess. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and push the outside bins to one side if possible. You could also do a little landscaping to make the garden an entertainment space and an extension of the interior home. A small patio and bistro set can help buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.


 Go the extra mile to make your home stand out on the property market.

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