What to Do Before Listing Your Property

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When you own real estate that you’re considering putting on the market, it’s an excellent time to take ask some questions first.

What will be necessary to do before approaching a realtor to get the best price and avoid potential setbacks? To answer that question, here are some suggestions about things to do before the listing.

Get a Friend to Do a Walkthrough

While you probably don’t have a realtor friend, another friend is the next best thing for a walkthrough. While they won’t be as impartial and probably not as critical, it can still be a good second opinion. Just avoid asking your best friend because they’ll be too kind.

What you’re looking for is honest feedback about what’s wrong with the place. You are probably incapable of making the same observations because you’ve lived there and so are blind to ways it could be improved.

Depersonalize the Home

One of the hardest things for people selling their home is to take it back to a blank canvas. They’re proud of it, want to show it off, and hope a buyer will appreciate all the little touches they’ve added. However, that’s forgetting that a potential buyer will wish to start with a blank slate and put their touch on their new home.

Depersonalizing the home is necessary to allow eventual visitors at an open house to see themselves buying and living there. This means removing all the items that suggest that it’s your home and not theirs, including personal photos, collectibles, and more. Even art that might be seen as offensive or overly suggestive should be replaced with something less eye-catching.

Think Ahead to the Open House

An open house can help to promote the listing to other realtors and their clients. Sometimes, the actual client will attend the open house too.

Not all open house events go off without a hitch. Staging the home is important. Getting the best realtor who knows the local market is valuable too. Here are some excellent tips to make your open house successful.

Take Some Photos

To get a better sense of how the interior and exterior look, take some photos. This way, you’ll gain some much-needed perspective, as the photos won’t look like your home.

Inspect the photos for issues to resolve. Be extremely critical! This could be kiddie fingerprints on the walls, damage to a ceiling, or something else that a would-be buyer will notice.

Fix Anything That Would Knock the Price Down

Some home improvements are simply too expensive and disruptive. Other ones may need sorting before any listing. These would be ones that a potential buyer will wish to discount their offer to reflect the work that’ll be needed.

Also, if the issues are going to put off a buyer from even making an offer, then these should be rectified earlier rather than later.

Don’t be hasty when considering putting a piece of real estate up for sale. There’s much to do before receiving the first offer, so be prepared to do what’s necessary to secure the best price later.

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