When You Notice, Mold On Your Food, What Do You Do?

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When you notice, what appears to be Mold, on your food, what do you do?

1/ Throw the food away?

2/ Cut out, what appears to be Mold?

3/ Eat the food, even if it is Mold?

4/ What would you do with Moldy Cheese or Moldy bread? 

Do you think there are things, that are made with Mold or from Mold?

In-Mold Removal or Mold Remediation, I sometimes, cut the Mold out and other times, I remove and clean the Mold.  It really depends on the severity of the situation.  If the area, is wet, I will dry out the area.  If the area is just Mold, I can remove the Mold by performing a HEPA Vacuuming and then spray a stain release on the area and then perform an antimicrobial application. 

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