How Would It Feel, To Walk In The Shoes Of Another?

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How Would It feel, if we had to walk in someone else's shoes? 

I am writing this about someone very special. Her name is Lady Darline Griffin.  This is her story.  I am doing this to get her story out. I have been approved to share her story via email and text.  She has a very moving story.

This is about a woman who is endured so much and never gives up.  This story is about her challenges and struggles and how she has managed to survive and help others, during her challenges and struggles.  I very much admire lady Darline and I call her often to check on her.  Her life and her testimony help me and others realize, there is hope and there is life, even though she has gone through so much.  Lady Darline is a woman of wisdom and who helps so many, even though she has her daily struggles and challenges.  Below is her story that I am getting ready to share with you.  I am sharing her story with you to help others realize, that there is life, through our pain and our challenges and struggles through life.  

Lady Darline became disabled in the year 2,000   She did everything her doctors told her to do until it almost killed her.  In 2009 she became a diabetic and she had to change her lifestyle and she made up her mind to stop listening to prescription happy doctors.  She started learning about processed foods we buy in stores as well as the bottled water, we buy in stores. She planted a garden and lady Darline saved her life.  For the first year, she ate only the vegetables she planted in her garden and she actually reversed her diabetes and she became prediabetic within a year.  The water she drank from bottles from the store, was making her feel bloated, so she started studying water about the water she drank and the good, the bad, and the ugly about water.  She found Kangen Water and it really helps keep her hydrated, while the other water she was drinking was keeping her dehydrated, and some of the water she was drinking, she found out, was actually toxic to her body.  She purchased her first Kangen Water Machine in 2014 and it became her go-to machine for everything.  She found out her new machine produces 7 different types of water and she found a machine for all the different types of water, for various applications and circumstances.  One type of water to clean with. One to sterilize surfaces with, one to soften skin, one to stay hydrated with, and one to even kill bacteria and viruses with and within 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes with.  Her newfound machine saves Lady Darline over one thousand dollars per year and she is so happy with her new water machine.  Water means life.  Clean water means better living and cleaner living.  

Lady Darline is very active and she needed energy.  All the prescriptions she was on were slowing, killing her and she did not want to die.  Not yet!  She has too much to live for.  She is very limited to what she can eat, because much of the food, these days, is so unhealthy for us, that we eat.  She started to become a zombie and she was sleeping 24 hours a day and sometimes 7 days a week because of all the medication she was on and she did not like this, nor did she want to be a toxic dumping ground for chemicals, that her doctors were telling to funnel into her body.  She got on natural foods and non-GMO products called THRIVE.  She takes 3 simple steps every morning and it changed her life and it continues to change her life.  THRIVE gives her exactly what she needs, every day of the week. She takes this to fill all the nutritional gaps.  On her days, that she does not eat 3 balanced meals, she knows that she can count on THRIVE to get all her needed vitamins and the minerals she needs.  It also consists of a patch you put on your body that gets into your body from the daily patch and it gets into your bloodstream with no fuss.  It is wearable nutrition and the added bonus is that she gets it at no charge for being so supportive of THRIVE and because she believes in what she takes.  It works for her, as it does for many.  

Lady Darline became basically homeless when she was disabled and had to wait on getting her disability started.  She was planning on retirement at 40 years of age but not disability.  Being disabled, she got some assistance and it was $750.00 a month.  I had to learn to live on this amount. It was not easy but I learned and adapted.  

My experiences have taught me a lot in life and a lot about life.  Lady Darline now helps feed the homeless and families in need.  Life happens and we do not need to judge why people are a certain way.  We never know about anyone until we have to walk in their shoes, in life.  Sometimes, this is what people need to do, to understand, where someone is coming from and what they are having to endure.  We all have different walks and we all have to learn how to survive.  Sometimes, we have to go through hardship and experience the very, very bad and ugly.  For example, how would people feel to lose their family at 20 years old?  What pain and suffering would they feel then.  I hope no one has to endure the pain and physical suffering I have had to endure.

Let's stop judging one another states Lady Darline and let's start caring about one another to show one another that we can care about one another and should care about one another.  Sharing means caring about one another.  Caring about one another means, stop what you are doing and showing others that they matter.  We all matter.  All lives matter! You matter!  I matter.  We all matter and we all should matter to one another but do we?  

Even though I have had to endure these things, God has been good to me and now I have a better understanding of others.  I listen more and I care about others more.  I give my time to the needy and show others that I care when many others do not or will not. I have been walked on by many, probably like we all have been walked on and taken advantage of but I am a survivor.  I feel a person's pain and loneliness and just want to take in so many under my wings and teach them to fly.  I am only one person and I can only do so much as well as only help so many in life and I have learned valuable lessons about life, this I assure you.  

In closing, I want to say, I am grateful for being disabled now, but I was not always like this.  I used to have such anger.  We all have our disabilities in life.  Yes, all of us.  I pray this will help others, not to judge one another but be a testimony to help one another more in life.  I pray that more will reach out to help one another more in life.  A phone call.  A card.  A friendly visit.  Writing a story about someone who has a story to share and just caring about others more in life.  Life is messy at times.  We have all been a mess in life and some are still a mess in life.  Love one another and help one another.  We need to stop seeing so many trying to take from one another and see more who are giving to one another.  We can all make a difference and yes, we all matter and yes, it takes all of us.  We all can be givers in life.  We can all give unto others in some way.  Our time, A cooked meal.  A phone call.  Shelter, Water.  Clothes. 

Giving is much more rewarding than taking.  Become a better giver, in life. We all need to give unto one another and all showing giving.  

My name is David Snell and I am writing things about others and to share their testimony with others, in hope that their testimony will be a blessing to others.  Lady Darline is a precious person, who has a servant's heart.  She has a heart of gold.  We all need to shine like stars.  Sometimes, we need others to help us shine, like the stars we are.  Lady Darline is a star!  The star you are, lady Darline.  Do not give up! You can do it.  Be all you can be and then a little more.

The moral of this story should be that we should all be kind to one another and we never know, when we will find ourselves walking in the shoes of others in life.  So, let us all be kind and caring toward one another and love one another and be better givers.

Darline Griffin has a website and it is.


My name is David Snell and I am most passionate about helping others and serving others.  My passion is networking and writing articles to inform and educate others.  I am also into all things Water and Mold related. 

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