Feeling stuck? Consider working with a real estate coach

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On-the-job learning has its pros and cons. The vast majority of those in the real estate industry can attest to that because most were forced to take the “baptism by fire” route when they got their licenses.

At some point, many in this group become complacent; they sell real estate by rote performance, never bothering to strive for more.

The ambitious, on the other hand, are always trying to find new, better, more efficient, and productive ways to approach their businesses.

While those in both groups can certainly benefit from the services of a coach, those who are on path one, or who feel stuck and lack motivation, have the most to gain.

Some good reasons to consider coaching. If you:

  • Don’t have a business plan
  • Lack a marketing budget
  • Have no idea what last year’s production was
  • Haven’t a clue about how to increase your production

RUN to the nearest life or real estate coach, if you plan on remaining in the business.

According to the pros contributing to the Coach’s Council at forbes.com, here are some other hints that should make you consider coaching:

  • That feeling you get when you’ve taken on too much to do in very little time. Some say it’s akin to the feeling you might get when trying to get a sip of water from an open fire hydrant: overwhelmed.
  • You long for someone to bounce business ideas off of.
  • You aren’t realizing the level of success in real estate that you want.
    Although you know what to do to be successful, you can’t find the motivation to do it.

Finally, consider these statistics from an Inman.com survey:

  • 90% of agents surveyed increased their production by 10% or more the first year working with a coach.
  • 35% saw a 26% increase in production and another 10% increased their production from between 100% and 200%.

How to choose a real estate coach

Coaching comes in many forms, from teleconferencing to in-person sessions to webinars and more.

Coaching formats are also variable. You may find you need a life coach, ala Tony Robbins. There are motivational business coaches as well as purely real estate coaches.

Yes, you may end up with a coach that you just don’t “mesh” with, and that’s ok. Many agents have worked with four or five coaches before finding a good fit.

Ask around your office for referrals to coaches and then do some research online. You can also find a brilliant comparison chart of various real estate coaches, compiled by Diana Bourgeois at fitsmallbusiness.com.

The right real estate coach can help you reach a level of success you never dreamt possible.


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