How To Manage Your Flips Remotely

Industry Observer with Shipwash Properties LLC

When I first started Shipwash Properties, we solely focused on flipping houses. This meant we bought houses that were in dire need of a remodel. I really loved buying houses to flip, but I found myself driving to the project sites every day to check the status. It wasn't because I didn't trust my contractor (I did), I just loved seeing the progress. It was my way of getting of an idea of timelines as well so I could schedule the next person that was part of the project. I was driving myself to insanity. I worked a full time job, went to the gym, checked on the remodels, and figured out dinner almost every day of the week. All of this with a wife and newborn. I had to find something that would help me eliminate the need to drive to these remodels every day before I let it consume me!


Discovering Company Cam

After an early morning of watching TikTok, I discovered a fellow real estate investor that used an app called Company Cam. It helped him manage his flips without him having to drive to the site everyday. I began looking into it and decided to try it out on one of my projects. This was a game changer. The functionality was simple for both me and the guys I had working on our flip house. It allowed me to track and manage the entire project without having to go onsite everyday. I seriously got back two hours of my day, and my sanity finally began coming back! Well, as a new dad, does your sanity really ever come back?


Why I Like It

The app allows me to create unique projects. We buy houses all over Knoxville to flip, meaning we have multiple projects running at one time. But this app allows me to setup a unique property name for each one. I can then give each of my contractors their own login. This gives them access to upload photos, videos, tag people, check off milestones, and communicate with other team members. The chat feature is one we utilize a lot! If one person is onsite and they come to a road block, or if they need to notify someone that a task is complete, they simply tag them in the chat box and can upload a photo if they like. For example, the drywall guy is finished prepping the walls, so he notifies the painter that the job is ready to go. The painter gets an immediate notification and can work it in his schedule. It is so valuable for project management. In addition, you can take the photos directly in the app since it is a cloud based service. This eliminates the need for you to take the picture, save it to your phone, then upload. 

The best part about the entire thing is the app is completely free. You have the option to pay for a premium version that gives you more features, but I have found that I have not needed to do that yet. The app also helps you take better photos. It has gridlines and editing modes to fine tune each one. This makes it user friendly for everyone. Lastly, using this apps documents the entire process of the renovation. For us, that means we have easy access to create before and after photos for marketing material, or we have documentation for permit purposes. If an inspector has a question, I normally have some type of photo and chat evidence on how something was done.

Please note I am not affiliated with this company in either way, nor am I getting an incentive to write this article. After struggling to manage my flips, I just had to find something better. And I am a strong believer in providing value back to the real estate community. So whether you are an investor like me, or simply a homeowner away from the house, I encourage you to give this app a try and save your sanity!

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Roy Kelley
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Thank you very much for sharing this report.

I hope you are having a productive summer.

Aug 19, 2021 07:54 AM
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