Top 10 Staging Tips to pass on to your clients

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Statisitics show that staged homes sell for up to 6% more and in less time than non-staged homes.  That can addd up to a lot of dollars in their pocket (and yours!)

Why not have a list you can leave with your clients with tips on what to focus on when they are getting ready to sell thier home?  Have them think about what they like to see when they are looking at properties.  When their home goes on the market, they have to stop thinking of it as "their home".  It is now a product on the market with competition.  It must look better than all the other products and it must be priced right!  Most people will pay more for a house that is "move-in ready".

$ Create a great first impression. Both on the internet and for a drive by.  That first impression will stick with them throughout all the other properties they will view.  Make sure it is a good one.

$ Cean, Clean, Cean!  Hire a service to do this if neccessary.

$ Fix everything that is broken.  Most people don't want to have to think about all they have to do when  they move in.  Make it "move in" ready.

$ De-personalize.  All the family photo's, collections, and eccentric colours must go.  The home should feel livable without looking lived in.  Buyers need to be able to visualize their own stuff in the home.

$ De-clutter!  Less IS more. An easy way to sell this to the home owner is to tell them it is a pre-pack.  Have them pack up everything they can live without for a couple of months.  It has to get packed eventually anyway.  Why not start before listing and get some of the stress of moving out of they way early?

$ Function. Determine the function of the room.  If it is a dining room used as an office, put it back to a dining room.  Don't make people have to guess what the function of the room is.

$ Create a mood. Buying a home is very emotional for most people.  Romance the property up.  Have place settings on the table.  Use fresh flowers.  White towels in the bathroom say clean, spa.....

$ Eliminate odours.  Cigarette smoke, pet smells or dirty diapers.  Doesn't matter the source.  It is an immediate turn off.  Open the windows, use cleansers to make the home smell clean.  Cedar chips are great for in closets. Be careful to not overdo it with sprays, a lot of people have allergies to scents.

$ Let there be light! Open all the windows and blinds.  Make sure all the lights are on during the viewings.  Add more light fixtures if needed.  Make sure all bulbs are working.

$ Stimulate buyers' imaginations.  Your goal is to set a scene that will encourage buyers to imagine that they can live in the home.  Romance and cozy it up with the fireplace.  Put a pair of wineglasses and a vase of flowers on the table in front of the fire.  Put a barbeque on the deck, set the table, etc.

 You want to draw people's eyes toward the selling features of the home, a gorgeous fireplace, a beautifulwindow/view, lovely moulding, coved ceilings, built in bookcases, etc.  The objective is to have people focus on the house and not what is in the house.  What is in the house is just used to make it feel warm and inviting, to draw the eye to the selling features of the house.

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