How I Manifested My Dream House With Grabovoi Numbers & Cinnamon

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From time to time, new manifestation rituals and exercises take hold, usually coming from social media platforms like TikTok.

Most recently, a few have caught my eye and I want to talk about two of them today and how they've worked.

The first is the idea of blowing cinnamon and coarse salt for money.

The second is Grabovoi numbers.

I believe they worked together because I used them both for financial gain, which helped me to manifest money, then a new home!

First, blowing cinnamon for money.

At the start of the month, the trend is to take cinnamon (yes, regular cinnamon) and coarse salt (yes, regular salt) in your hand.

Three shakes of each.

Then you simply shake it in your hand, stand in your doorway with your back facing outside, and blow the mixture through your door into the room of your home that you want blessed.

You repeat a mantra welcoming in abundance and releasing negativity. You ask for the corners of the room to be filled with prosperity, good energy and success.

Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours before cleaning it up.

First, I did that.

Then, I used the Grabovoi code for money and wrote it on my wrist.

I did do some visualizations and affirmations to help with this, and it led to an influx of money, which I then used to put as a deposit after getting an offer accepted on a home!

We're still going through contingencies and such, but the money coming was such a nice touch.

I'm really happy with these manifestation techniques and recommend them to anybody who wants help with manifesting money to use for a new home or any other purpose.

Another ritual you can try is the bay leaf manifestation spell (more on that later.)



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