Kitchen Cabinet Choices: The Top Styles Today

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You make many decisions when looking around for your perfect kitchen cabinets. You can get as fancy and elegant as you need, or you can go the streamlined and sleek track. Many homeowners prefer simplicity, as you can work entire kitchen designs around modest cabinetry. With that in mind, let’s take a glance at the top kitchen cabinet options you need to know. 


  1. Shaker Cabinets

While many traditional designs have sagged in reputation, Shaker kitchen cabinets continue to flourish thanks to their dependable but straightforward, stylish look. Shaker cabinets have five components: two vertical stiles, two horizontal rails, and a recessed panel in the unit’s center. 



Shaker cabinets are incredibly versatile and work well with any kitchen design. The crisp lines mesh well with traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles alike. Due to their availability, it’s simple to find the exact variety you want for an affordable price.



The panel edging can accumulate dirt and dust, forcing you to clean it often.


  1. Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard is a style of construction where vertical slats are built into each other. Naturally decorative and fancy, it adds a level of stylishness and luxury that is distinctive among cabinet styles. 



Beadboard can supply a sense of age and warmth, giving you an opulent, textured look that integrates well in various kitchen design layouts. It is available with slats of different widths, letting you develop the exact style you want. 



Beadboard requires meticulous cleaning, as the grooves easily hold onto dirt and muck.

The cost of beadboard varies, changing depending on the type of wood and the construction style.


  1. Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets help enhance the light in darker rooms and offer an appealing method to show off your prized items. 


With glass-front cabinets, your items are relatively protected from falling and gathering dust. You can add lighting to shine on your pieces, and lights installed inside your glass-front cabinets will help boost your kitchen’s natural shine.



Because your items are on full display, you’ll want to keep your glass-front cabinets tidy and orderly. Cleaning can be a little awkward with the mixture of wood and glass, as well.


  1. Flat-Front Cabinets

Flat-front doors, also known as slab doors, are dense, without panels or framing. It’s a fresh, simple look that works well in any modern or contemporary design. Flat-front doors are often constructed from a single piece of plywood or MDF, either painted or protected with wood veneer.



Flat-front cabinets are the simplest cabinets to clean. Because of their understated construction, flat-front cabinets can be affordable, but it varies with the type of wood used, the finish applied, and any accessories. You can vary different hardware, showing off the cabinet pulls and knobs you want to emphasize. 



Flat-front cabinets can look a bit lifeless, but you can readily revive it up by staining the wood or painting it. The good news? They’re straightforward to paint.


  1. Natural (Unfinished) Wood Cabinets

Unfinished wood cabinets are untraditional but can work in different kitchen layouts, especially cottage styles and other more relaxed options.



Unfinished wood is cost-effective and adaptable, giving you the chance to include it in any design in various ways. You can change the look by finishing the cabinets later and customize the look in many different ways. 



The primary issue with unfinished wood is that it is vulnerable, so it’s a good idea to choose a flat varnish or other finish that will stop oils and moisture from infiltrating into the wood. There are varnishes that go well with unfinished wood, highlighting the feel of the wood while supplying protection.


Decisions, Decisions

Cabinet prices vary widely, depending on the quality of the materials, the finish, and the design. You will need to select between ornamental, minimalist, streamlined, or textured looks and finishes as you look for the perfect cabinet. Besides the category, you’ll want to focus on hardware options, joinery, and much more. And, if you do ever see the need to change your beadboard or Shaker cabinets, you can quickly switch out the doors to create a renewed appearance. 


All types of kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Grey cabinets are one popular option.


Finding a high-quality cabinet boils down to the retailer. As you search through these kitchen cabinet options, go with a seller you trust. They should be dependable, well-reviewed, and provide exceptional customer service. No matter which style of cabinet you decide on, having a customer service team to rely on is critical as you renovate your kitchen.

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