Selling a House After Receiving a Foreclosure Letter

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"We're a month past due on our mortgage, and my husband is self-employed, so he just had surgery and won't be able to work for several months. We feel as though our house payments are beyond our means. We'd want to sell as soon as possible rather than hanging on and going through a foreclosure."

How much time do we have to sell our home once we're behind on payments?

In most situations, you must be more than 120 days behind in your payments under federal legislation that safeguards homeowners in debt. To learn more about the foreclosure property you can visit

There is no established deadline to sell a property after foreclosure begins. The length of time it will take to finalize the foreclosure varies depending on whether it is a judicial or nonjudicial procedure and the state in which the home is located. To get an idea of how long the process might take, read our articles about your state's process. The longer it takes, the more time you'll have to market the home.

Because you claim that your mortgage payments are greater than you can comfortably afford, you might want to apply for a loan modification, which could make your monthly payments more manageable.If you wish to apply for a modification, contact your servicer and request an "loss mitigation" application. Additionally, your state may have a special grant program that reimburses homeowners who qualify for assistance in order to avoid foreclosure during a financial crisis.

If you still want to sell and can't get your home sold for the entire amount owed, your lender might consent to a "short sale," which is when you accept less than what you owe. To receive approval for a short sale, like with a modification request, you must submit a loss mitigation application to your servicer.

For more information on how foreclosures work in your state and how long the process will take—or if you want to find out about defenses to a foreclosure in your situation, which might slow down the procedure and give you more time to sell—consider consulting with an attorney. Consider consulting with a HUD-approved housing counselor to learn more about alternatives to foreclosure, such as a modification or short sale.

Pricing Your House Properly Is Critical To Liquidating Your Property

  1. Don't waste your time trying to recover equity that doesn't exist. The fact that you purchased your house for thousands more than the previous market value in your area is unimportant. You must first determine your objective: are you attempting to make money out of your property by holding out for the highest price, or do you want to avoid a seven-year negative credit report mark?
  2. Don’t overprice your home. Make sure you know what you want. Make sure you price your house attractively if you want it to be sold. If your property is overpriced, potential buyers may not even notice it because it will appear to be out of their price range. Other purchasers will prioritize viewing properties from sellers who seem more reasonable about pricing. Your house will sit on the market longer than it should and then the lowballers will crawl out of the woodwork.
  3. It's time to get serious about what your house is worth. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your real estate professional that compares recently sold, comparable properties in the area. Take the sales prices (not list prices) from the most recently sold properties in your region and go down 10% or so to get your list price if you're serious about selling quickly. When a property appears to be somewhat underpriced, it appears like a bargain. More people will come to see it, and there's a better chance of receiving a good offer.

Check to see if you have a realistic sense of how low you can go. A buyer will not pay a premium price for your property just because it is what you owe. If you owe more than your home is worth, give your lender a ring, complete a short sale application and ask your lender to give you some indication of how low a sale price they will accept. Conform your list price to that; a short sale won't ruin your credit as badly as a foreclosure, but it does damage it.

Dependable Homebuyers Will Buy Your House That is in Foreclosure

Many homeowners try to sell their houses when they anticipate that a foreclosure is on the way. Their objective isn't just to get the property sold; it's also to do it as soon as feasible. When buyers' markets have a longer time to sell than usual, foreclosure rates are at their highest.

What are a homeowner's options? Be proactive and sell your property as quickly as possible! As a seller, your ability to sell your property quickly is limited to three factors: pricing, marketing, and condition. Dependable Homebuyers will purchase your property quickly and for cash.

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