Average Rent Prices in Brighton MA

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Currently the average rent price in Brighton is $2,336. When compared to the previous year's data, rent prices have dropped by -2.79% in Brighton. This drop is mainly due to the drop in demand for off-campus housing near Boston College. Remote learning sent Brighton’s vacancy rate soaring last year, and its effect on pricing was inevitable. However, the prices have much been much more stable in Brighton than in Boston’s premier Downtown neighborhoods, where prices have dropped by -18.97% in Downtown Boston and -17.75% in Seaport.

The Real-Time Availability rate of apartments in Brighton is now 5.11% and this rate has dropped by -37.76% since August 2020.  The Real-Time Vacancy rate is 1.20% currently. Comparing it with the data of the previous year, this rate has dropped by -25.47%.

The average rent price for a studio apartment in Brighton is $1,600. For a 1 bedroom apartment, the average rent price is $1,775, and for 2 bedroom apartments it’s $2,178.  These prices all fall 10-20% below the average for the City of Boston overall.

The average rent of 3 bedroom Brighton apartments is $2,749, while a 4 bedroom apartment in Brighton will cost $3378 on average.


YOY Changes in Brighton Apartment Prices

Compared to August 2020, the average rent price of a studio in Brighton has dropped by -5.10%. For 1 bedroom Brighton apartments, the average rent price has fallen by -6.33%. These rent drops are significantly lower than that of Roslindale, where the average rent of 1 bedroom apartments has dropped by -11.35%.

The average price of 2 bedroom apartments in Brighton has decreased by -3.29% YOY. As per data, the rent price of 3 bedrooms have dropped by -0.97%. The highest drop in 3 bedroom prices belongs to  Downtown, where the price fell by -15.63%.

Look for these drops and rents to be recovered during 2022 as remote learning will likely be phased out moving forward.  Now that rental demand has been restored in Brighton, prices are already back on the upswing.

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