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                                 Well my boys decided to get involved with the local 4-H chick chain and we were crazy enough to let them bring home 27 1 day old chickens..Now almost 11 weeks later, man do they eat a lot.  Now I guess the biggest bonus is suppose to be when these red birds are supposed to start laying an egg a day each !!!!!  I have not been able to determine if I have any roosters out of the bunch so  if all 27 start laying an egg a day I guess I will be selling some eggs because I certainly know that I will not be eating 189 eggs each week !!!!!!!!!     


  Let me know if you have enjoyed raising your fowl fare and fill me in on what to expect with 27 birds....Of course at the end of the program the boys will submit their best 5 birds in the county fair and we get to keep the remaining birds.....


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Richmond Virginia
Richmond, VA

Hi Wayne,

I'm a newbie on AR and your post caught my eye.  I also took the "chicken plunge" after years of thinking about it.  I got 6 Rhode Island Reds this spring...just bought 20 week old pullets to avoid trying to tackle too much with chicks.

They're a real kick to watch and the eggs are great.  By gauging the time of your post and age of your hens you should be about 2-3 weeks away from the first batch of eggs.  We also have 3 horses, dogs, and cats on our little 11 acre hobby farm.

Best of the way if you make deviled eggs don't use fesh eggs-they won't peel right.  They need to sit in the fridge for a good 7-10 days

Aug 08, 2008 08:15 AM