How to Organize Your Home to Thrive in Your Business

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As much as I hate to admit it, organization matters. 

Because in the end, every minute that I spend searching for something or frustrated is a minute I could be spending on what truly matters to me. 

And as a mom of 3 (who also happens to be a business owner), home organization ends up being what makes or breaks my sanity.

Luckily, I've learned a bit over the years! These are the things that have helped me most, and could help you too.

1. Run Your Household Like a Business

In a business, one person DOES NOT do all of the work. Nor should mom be the only one who takes care of a household. So, make a huge list of chores and responsibilities and then delegate them out. Make sure each member knows what is expected of him or her and that everyone is contributing (including the KIDS!)

2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Americans own a ridiculous amount of stuff. We're drowning in it at home. And maintaining it takes up time in our one precious life. So, spend a good deal of thought on what you truly need to thrive - and get rid of the rest.

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." - Hans Hofmann

3. It's Ok to Pay

Sometimes, you just can't do everything yourself. And other times it's a huge boost to have someone else do a task you hate.

Consider things like: a housecleaner, someone to mow the lawn, a robot vacuum, a meal service, a grocery pick up or delivery service

The thing is, when you pay someone to do something, you free up focus on your business, and often result in making much more money than you were paying out.

4. Be Strategic About Work Space

And finally, if you do any work from home, set up a workspace in your home that is separate from your normal living space. Also, make sure it is big enough for you to comfortably work at. Then, keep it as clear as possible, so that you can sit down and work at a moment's notice.

In Conclusion

Setting up your home for work is about simplifying to free up your time. And it's about giving you the ability to focus on your business without a thousand distractions from home. I hope you found these tips helpful! 

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