Why You Shouldn't Move To Loudoun County, VA

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If you're considering to move to a certain place, say, Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, it is important to do your research and see what you'd expect to get out of the area that you'll be living in. Being a Loudoun County resident for over 20 years, I can definitely call this my home. I can describe how good the Loudoun County is all day, but you probably know that already if you're reading my blog. However, this time, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't move to Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.

Jet Noise

The Loudoun County is home to the Dulles Airport, which means there are a lot of planes and jets flying around the vicinity. The noise may sometimes make you wish that the airplanes from the night sky are like shooting stars to make a wish for the noise to stop. These things are especially loud around Ashburn and South Riding. 

Overflowing School Population

A lot of my families that moved in to the DC Metro area and had their kids go to school found out that the school that they wanted their children to send is already overcrowded. So it's either the child will be sitting in the trailer or be sent to the overflowing school, which isn't really much of a choice. What I'd suggest is before making your move, make sure to talk to the school district and see if everything checks out. 

Cost of Living

I talked about this in my Relocating to Northern Virginia blog, but for the first time visitors, here's something that you need to know. Northern Virginia is not cheap. The area is way above the national average when it comes to the cost of living. Before deciding to move to Loudoun County, it is a must to have your finances checked.

Real Estate

The real estate has gone up dramatically these past few years in the Loudoun County. So moving to the Loudoun County means a lot of money has to be involved in getting a home here. If you're really eager to move in this area, make sure that you prepare yourself financially especially with the housing costs.

Data Centers

Not the most attractive reason to move to the Loudoun County, but we do have a lot of data centers in this area. You might be expecting a lot beautiful architecture and buildings around, but it's the opposite. Instead, we have lots of boxes of data centers where the whole world's internet goes through. 

Despite all of these reasons, are you still interested in moving to the Loudoun County? If so, let's team up -- 703-625-4949 or email at info@enovahomes.com. Speak with you soon!

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