We Can Still See Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Roosters

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This proves there is a God, and there are still positive, and happy things in life. A seller client whose home we closed escrow last month, loved hummingbirds and roosters. She even has a six-foot-tall rooster made from wood, which she paid $300.00 for. She has (my guess) hundreds of roosters throughout, one curtain at the arcadia door, the light switch cover in the kitchen, just to name a couple. Well, we have purchased for her roosters in a few different forms and having them mailed since the closing on her home. One a spread for the bed with a huge rooster on it, a clock with roosters, and one other item for the kitchen area.

 Now for the hummingbirds, she was so happy to attract hummingbirds and taught me about them. And we got a couple of feeders. In the past the two feeders they did not come to. First, she said there is no need for red whatsoever. And we purchased a couple of the styles she has, and we have hummingbirds now! They seem more attracted to the north side of our home. Although hers were on the south side of her home. Every day I glance up to my window in my home office and see them there regularly. Oh, the recipe is 2 cups of water and ¾ cup of sugar.

 Now as far as butterflies, well I just think they are a beautiful creation. I just purchased some awesome cards with butterflies on them, a doctor friend had initially sent me one. I believe the cards are two dollars each. They come from the EDF Environmental Defense Fund.

 I hope your day is as good as mine

 Dan Dee McGinnis

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