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Tax Compliance the Key to Resolving Your Tax Debt

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I am a Minneapolis CPA, my company, RTI Solutions Inc (www.resolvetaxissues.com) helps taxpayers and small businesses in Minnesota and throughout the country resolve tax issues and represents them in front of the IRS or state tax authorities. The IRS has recently stepped up its efforts to identify, locate and notify taxpayers who have unfiled tax returns. In addition, the IRS is pursuing taxpayers who have failed to pay their taxes.

The IRS is part of the Treasury Department. Although Congress passes tax laws and requires taxpayers to comply with the laws, it is the Secretary of the Treasury who is authorized under Section 6301 of the Internal Revenue Code to collect taxes. The IRS carries out the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Treasury.

The IRS has tools at their disposal to enforce compliance with the tax laws including, liens, levies, and passport revocation.  It is in the taxpayer’s best interest to respond to an IRS notice before the IRS employs their enforcement tools.

If you have unpaid taxes the IRS has payment programs including installment payment plans, offers in compromise and uncollectible status. In order to participate in these programs, the IRS requires that a taxpayer get into tax compliance and maintain compliance going forward.  Tax compliance is defined as:

  • All tax returns due are filed when taxpayers begin trying to workout a payment plan with the IRS,
  • If the taxpayer is an employee, the taxpayer must have sufficient taxes withheld to cover their tax bill at year end,
  • Self-employed taxpayers must make quarterly estimated tax payments,
  • If the taxpayer is a business, payroll tax deposits must be made on time each period,
  • All future returns due are filed on time.

The IRS expects taxpayers to maintain compliance after they establish a plan. If compliance is not maintained, the IRS may void the plan.

If you or someone you know has unfiled tax returns or unpaid taxes, please feel free to contact me, Frank Nute CPA (Edina MN Minneapolis MN IRS Tax Problem Resolution | RTI Solutions Inc. | About (resolvetaxissues.com)), at either (952) 567-2455 or by email at franknutecpa@resolvetaxissues.com.



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