Central Florida One Of The Best Destinations To Settle in the USA...

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Since 2017, a lot of Americans have moved to places, such as Central Florida, where the climate tends to be warmer. As far as the top six destinations to settle in the entire USA for the families are concerned, Las Vegas has been ranked at the number one position, whereas Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville have made up half of these top-ranked destinations.

Americans are incessantly moving to new places, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic started. With that being said, "relocating" did not begin with the first indication of the virus. As per the new study from LendingTree, most Americans have relocated themselves to places with warmer weather climates. These include Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, which are also considered as the top three metros having the majority of the homeowners moving in since the year 2017.

Around four cities of Florida were ranked in the list of 50 metros:

3. Jacksonville: 1.04 million total household – 21.99% moved in since 2017

5. Tampa: 2.13 million households – 20.81% moved in since 2017

6. Orlando: 1.60 million households – 13.99% moved in since 2017

30. Miami: 3.63 million households – 11.8% moved in since 2017

On the flip side, in the last few years, a relatively lesser number of homeowners were seen relocating to metros such as Pittsburgh, California, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

Census Bureau data of the top 50 largest metro areas was scrutinized and analyzed in order to identify the largest share of homeowners who had moved since 2017 or later. In addition to this, the time period of homeowners living in their homes, along with the price growth of the local home, was also analyzed and examined by the researchers.

The Orlando area, which is a metro with a major share of the recent moving homeowners, has witnessed a rapid hike in home prices in contrast to those metros where the majority of the owners will most probably stay in place for an extended period of time.

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