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Fear is an intruder dynamic and was never part of the creation aspect or divine purpose but can be used in such a way that brings about personal spiritual growth. You see it occupies valuable Real Estate within the self and when approached has no standing whatsoever. It has an obvious weakness that protects it but not any longer


To marvel, wonder and inquire is our eternal heritage. When you add "legs" or (action) to this, it becomes adventure inviting discovery and furthers us to explore to where who knows? That is a true manna, a sustenance that our souls thrive on


 By contrast, "fear" thrives on opposite and opposing energies. It employs adverse energy that takes the form of excessive thinking submitting negative scenarios that help it keep its hellish position as a guide. Where does it lead? To a grip of misery! It can become thick in its presence and while on the move too...


If it acquires a place-hold, it employs a form of paralysis that stuns and stops one first in their minds and emotions and then in your now or tracks! The result is fear dines richly on its coveted food of choice i.e. you and it lets you go when it is full or having its way. Your glad its over but it is just the end of another fearful beginning


Since it is inferior and unwelcomed (intruder), it uses repetition to stay alive and employs captivity measures to bind you. Its power is an illusion something it must keep-up or it risks exposure and soon after if not immediate will meet its demise

LIGHT (weapon #1)

Light repels darkness, eliminates shadows and reduces the activity of the mind & at the same time exposes the LIE that is at work. Too much light and darkness is destroyed making it an masterful-opportunist of dark degrees. However, there is absolutely no defense against truth. Dark forces know this. Now, you know it too

TRUTH (weapon #2)

At a very early age, we are told & introduced to truth as in "tell the truth" admonishments & when we do, a form of cross-roads appear. Fear awaits on one path & truth the other. A friend, parent or righteous authority figure will guide a child to the right way or path. Now the child knows how this works. Lets see...


A literally "footing" is created that allows a secure foundation upon which truth can grow & increase upon. This system of truth is self-perpetuating as well as rewarding when activated and practiced. It is also very forgiving using patience as a nudging agent encouraging us like a coach would... to begin again & keep going

THE TRUTH of the MATTER (matters)

This is what we should all be seeking until it lives in us and teaches us the right way always. It is the true manna and has everlasting qualities. This same soul-food is a poison to dark forces and also a repellant making one safe & secure. Read on...

FAITH (weapon #3)

If you believe something and accept it for the right reasons not requiring proof or  assurances, you now have employed without effort promises from the Creator to visit and take hold of you. All other forces flee while you have calm, rest & peace. Why? How? Your beliefs make it so! It is done to you as you believe.

FEAR EMPLOYS... what if?

Doubt, confusion & hesitation bangs on the doorway in & of your head & stands on the threshold of your emotions in a last ditch effort to get a foothold. Perfectly allowed in the spiritual world of "turns", this action is introduced but only allowed to succeed if you agree (give-in). Refuse this, hold your ground and an amazing outcome takes place!


You are fulfilled with a type of reward for standing on and for the right thing, that which you knew was right in your heart using your courage as it should be used when called upon. Peace, rest & understanding are your rewards along with an inner boldness transforming us into more of what we were intended to be but lost


A lie on the move looking for its stance & chance to live and multiply. What I am about to suggest is simple but daring. Go toward your fear! Advance in its direction. Tremble, shake & gulp as you do but do not waiver. Goose-bumps, sweaty palms and knocking knees point the way! Here is what you will find...


Not only your intended portion meant for you in this brief life-time, but the coveted reward from God being well-pleased with you and wait, there is more! Beyond your fear, waiting for you are promises that exceed your wild dreams that were waiting for you all this time. Only you will know when to go but go you must if you are to truly live

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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello Richie - well, fear is definitely an intruder in our lives.  For some reason, I am thinking of Benjamin Franklin and his thoughts on fish - guests.  Both may need to be tossed after three days because of the smell.  Maybe it's the aroma of an intruder.  

Sep 10, 2021 07:24 AM
Richie Alan Naggar

A diligence is required from the human or what good are we Michael Jacobs ?

Sep 10, 2021 08:43 AM