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Remote work has become increasingly popular. According to a survey, about one out of four Americans worked from home in 2021. If you want to join the ranks of remote workers or if you own a small business, it's time to think about your home office. When you need a new or upgraded workspace, you have three options: create a space for work, build an addition, or expand to a bigger place.

 What to Do Without a Home Office

Not everyone has the extra room for a home office. Some remote workers choose to convert the dining room into an office or place a desk behind the floating sofa. They may take an empty closet, remove the doors, and place a desk within it to create a makeshift office.

 There's no limit on what you can convert into a home office with the right amount of creativity and ingenuity. But, the big question to ask is, "Should you build a new addition for your home office?" If you're only working from home temporarily, you may not want to spend the money or effort on an office.

 However, if you plan to run a business out of your home office, you should consider renovating your home to suit your office. Think about where you want your office in relation to other areas of the house to maximize productivity. Your home office should have natural light, such as windows or skylights, along with built-in shelving for extra organization.

 How to Redesign Your Home Office

If you already have an office for your home-based business, you may want to ensure that you can be as productive as possible inside it. You need your home office to integrate into your living space, where you can happily work but return to your family and leave your business behind at the end of the day.

 It is easier to start work when you enjoy your office. When decorating your office, choose a style or design that you love. If you have high ceilings, consider how much you can do with your walls, such as adding cabinetry or floating shelves for extra storage. Your office should be as organized and tidy as possible so you can focus on business rather than cleaning through the clutter.

 If you want to paint your office, choose colors that aid in productivity. For example, greens and blues may help efficiency and focus.

 When to Expand to a Home

If your current home doesn't have the room to fit your office and your family, you may want to consider expanding. It takes some adjustment to learn how to balance time with your family and work, but having separate rooms makes it a lot easier.

 When looking at new homes, look for houses with extra rooms. Converting a spare room to a home office is easy. Another option is to find a house with an outdoor building. For example, sheds, garages or other outbuildings make great home offices.

 If you're in the market for a new home, check the Federal Housing Finance Agency for housing prices. The FHFA is a collection of house price indexes based on data from all 50 states, including 400 different cities. If you have a specific area in mind, there are also online tools that will give you an insight into the local housing market. To illustrate, you can expect homes to sell in under two weeks in a very competitive market like Minneapolis.

 If your current house cannot accommodate your home business, it may take some lateral thinking or a financial investment to carve out a dedicated workspace. Doing so, however, is essential to running an efficient, productive and profitable home-based company, as well as compartmentalizing your work life from your personal life.

 When it’s time to expand to a new home, reach out to Michael of the Weiland Group here or call/text 612-735-6834.


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Hi Weiland Group.  Thank you for sharing this information on home offices.  We are lucky enough to have an extra room for our office.

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You're welcome Bob!

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