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J.R.'s Sales Skills In an Effort To Provide Value to my Real Estate Partners

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J.R.'s Sales Skills In an Effort To Provide Value to my Real Estate Partners


After a certain number of years in the business world one almost can't help acquiring a few insights here and there. Perhaps the list that follows is old hat to you. Maybe you don't share my sentiments. My guess is that those of you who have been selling for several years or longer probably know what I'm talking about. Indeed, you, no doubt, have some even better insights. If you're inclined to share, then I'd love to hear from you.

Things I learned along the way:

Most people are nice. (This has the paradoxical affect of encouraging them to lie to you. They tell you things that they think you want to hear rather than the truth).

Sometimes the best strategy is to make people mad. (This might actually invoke the truth. Don't do this unless you know how to make them happy again).

It's not about me. (People procrastinate and engage in other wasteful behavior. They are not out to get me and they are not avoiding me. They are just very, very inefficient).

Many people are completely incapable of using a calendar. They'll repeatedly make, cancel, and reschedule appointments. (Don't write their names on your schedule or your calendar will become as inaccurate as theirs is).

The Blackberry was invented by Satan to ensnare people who think that every communication and task is equally urgent.

The people at the top are just as likely to be as clueless as anyone else is. (The real world is not a perfect meritocracy. Indeed, people tend to rise to their level of incompetency, and stay there).

The person most likely to return your call is the owner. This sense of responsibility is the reason that they're the owner in the first place. (Less important people are much harder to reach).

You can't start a profitable sale by giving stuff away. (You can start a charity that way).

It matters whether or not you sell stuff. (It doesn't matter whether or not you do THIS deal).

Life is short. (Have fun).

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