How to expand the network of contacts on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is a social network whose key assumption is establishing business cooperation. Thanks to this platform, we can reach over 600 million users from all over the world. Check how to expand your network of contacts on LinkedIn and use its full potential to find work or to expand your brand image.

How do I get contacts on LinkedIn?

The way in which you will develop your network of contacts should be based on a clear goal or project. Decide who you are looking for: recruiters, blog readers, new cooperation opportunities or B2B leads. In the search engine, match your query to the location, workplace, position, and industry you want to reach. 


What are other methods of getting contacts on LinkedIn? Look at the list of methods below and don’t hesitate to use them.


On LinkedIn, it's important to stay consistent, log in every day, and actually be active. The easiest way to start is by uploading daily updates to your profile, use tips on writing a linkedin profile which should turn into an industry compendium of knowledge over time. Treat LinkedIn like any other social media medium. Make sure your posts add value, relate to your business (but not too much), and include a call to action.


Check other people's profiles regularly. Share their content, comment on updates, and react to longer forms of speech. In this way, you will build lasting relationships, which over time will translate into the creation of an extensive community. By entering into such an interaction, you let people know about your existence, significantly increasing your visibility.


Add keywords to your profile. This will make it easier for you to find your profile. Places to focus on include the headline and sections: Summary and Experience. The content is taken into account by the search engine, both the one available on LinkedIn and Google. This is one of the basic but most significant steps in creating the potential for new relationships.


Join groups and take an active part in them. It is best to search for a few items that interest you and from time to time participate in each of them. Ask questions, comment, and share the opinion of others. Once you've got the momentum, take your own initiative and form your group.


And remember the main thing about LinkedIn: the more active you are, the more interesting connections you will have!

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