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So SkateAdvisors have come a long way in delivering true value to skateboarders. Under the leadership of Robert Parker - A professional skateboarder, SkateAdvisors has become one of the leading blogs in the skateboarding field. We would like to thank our readers who have supported us during the past time. With the mission and goal that SkateAdvisors has set, we promise to bring you the most interesting, most useful information that you can't find anywhere else. Let's take a look at what SkateAdvisors has accomplished over the years.


Who found SkateAdvisors?

Robert Parker is the founder of SkateAdvisors. He is a talented skateboarder and has a lot of experience in the field of skateboarding. He spends most of his day on a skateboard or doing research on skateboards. Realizing that there are not many good sources of information about skateboarding, he decided to establish SkateAdvisors to share with enthusiasts like you his knowledge and experiences.


What have SkateAdvisors achieved?

Currently, SkateAdvisors is rated by Google as one of the leading websites about skateboarding. This can be demonstrated by the fact that thousands of our skateboarding keywords are in the top 10 of the search engine, earning 100,000 organic visits per month.


SkateAdvisors owns hundreds of articles on the main website to meet all the information needs of people about skateboarding and skateboards. We regularly update new articles, so the information we provide is always timely so that readers can keep up with the trends of the world. 

The introduction of our Longboard Category.

Fortunately, we were quickly embraced by the public. Many readers have asked us to provide more articles related to longboarding. And after careful consideration we have finally launched a "Longboards' category. So far, we have posted dozens of articles with different topics related to longboarding like longboard tricks & tips, longboard for kids, longboard buying guide, etc. We are welcoming you to read them anytime convenient for you. 

To what we owe our success?

We cannot succeed if the articles are not read by anyone. We owe this success in large part to your enthusiastic support - our beloved audience. Thank you very much!


We are also very fortunate to have talented and dedicated professionals who create content for SkateAdvisors day and night. The truth is, there are articles that take months to complete, and some of us had to wake up in the middle of the night to jot down an interesting new idea for the article. We are not bothered by it, on the contrary we felt very happy because we knew our content is helpful for someone out there. Today's results have proven one thing: "Hard work will pay off".

Our vision and mission

Skateboarding is an exciting sport and it holds a lot of secrets. That's why we are here to uncover those secrets for you. 


Skateboarding is fun, but it's very difficult to master, in other words, it needs both passion and dedication. The moment you become the skateboarders you want to be, then you are the winner of the game. We will support you in your practice and success. What you need can be always found on SkateAdvisors. 


Looking for tips? Want to know which trick newbies should try? Which skateboard should a beginner buy? Do you need detailed information about different types of skateboards? Well, we can answer all your questions, and in the end, you can make your own decision to buy the best skateboard for beginners at SkateAdvisors. Everything is ready for you to enjoy!


Our goal is to provide the most useful information so that everyone can become a winner and become their own idol. We will be a shortcut to help you achieve your dreams and goals as quickly as possible.

How readers say about us

Through the process of monitoring and measuring, we found that the time on site of all the articles on the site is very long. This proves that our articles are attractive and it also means the readers are finding something useful. SkateAdvisors also receive a lot of positive feedback and thanks from users about the products we recommended to them.


We have been mentioned by many skateboarders on numerous social networking sites and on skateboarding forums. Once again, we thank you for helping us spread our true values to so many people around the world. 

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