Checklist: 5 Things to Get Done Before Putting Your House on the Market

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There are lots of little things you can do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. And boosting your home’s appeal can not only help it sell faster, but it can also help you sell it for a higher price. Here are some things that should be on your checklist when getting your house ready to be sold.

1 - Take stock

First impressions matter, so go around the house and try to see it as a buyer would. Focus on the details, what areas are dirty, what areas look old or unkempt, what could use cleaning or repairs or more work in some way. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can notice when actively looking with potential sellers in mind.

2 - Declutter and depersonalize

A good place to start is with clutter. Random objects and even entire pieces of furniture can and should be removed from living spaces. Not only does this make rooms look more organized, but it can also help them look more spacious.

3 - Clear paths

Rooms look more open and organized when people have direct lines of access to doors in the room. So you might want to move the couch so it’s not between the entrance and the door to the kitchen, for example. And do other little tweaks to allow your real estate agent to give visitors an uninterrupted tour of your home.

4 - Fresh paint

If you can afford it, painting the interior and exterior areas of the house is a good way to make it look new and well-kept. Redoing the carpets can also have a similar effect. Make sure you go for neutral colors, especially indoor areas, as that helps make the space more inviting and depersonalized. 

5 - Little touches

Don’t underestimate the effect that details have on a room. Scuff marks, dirty door knobs, doors with faded ink, and grime on counters and in between tiles can all affect the first impression that room will give to a potential buyer. The buyer might not be able to point out why they feel the kitchen isn’t great, but they will feel the difference, and that’s what matters.

So take care of those details, or hire someone to do it. A good real estate agent will know local companies that can handle this sort of detail-oriented cleaning for houses that are about to be sold, as well as handle minor repairs and improvements.

Other options

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