What's Next?

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You may recall an awesome movie with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, continuously funny, at the very end Nick had mailed a postcard to Robert, and all he wrote on it was   What’s Next. And this is where part of this article comes from, the other part of it is a little more on the curious side.

 A friend of over thirty-five years responded to my email with a smiley face this past weekend! WHAT’S NEXT?    Have you noticed it is often a common policy when someone begins to do something different, many follow along, and it doesn’t matter what it is, there is just a following... A few examples: tattoos, they were big (for guys in the military) back in the mid-’60s into the mid-’70s then it died off and just a few years ago it bounced back hard tattoos even for females as well as older people.  Homosexuality, LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender used to all be completely unknown of. Over the past five or fifteen years, it is not uncommon to see it displayed out in public. In the grocery store, in the movie theatre, on the streets in America.

 Now back to my friend of thirty-five years. With this response to me on an email simply of a happy face instead of a couple of words like that’s funny, hope all is well or cool when can we get together for lunch? Or thank you, keep in touch. This guy is a grandfather, over sixty-five years old, and acting like he is a teen. He is not employed… he is not wealthy… has one wife, one son, one daughter, and one grandson. There is the pool and the television! Maybe that is another CHANGE we now have, reducing our time with friends.

 To his simple response with NO WORDS WHATSOEVER I say:  What’s Next?

 Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining or whining, there must be another BIG CHANGE coming on, with all that is going on in the world. As in the movie (you should see it, my wife and I have over a dozen times) the movie will complete the circle for you of my intent in this article you are reading. Stop and think, look around just for a couple of minutes what all the changes have come about in the past eighteen months! It does cause you to wonder: What’s Next…











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