4 Things to Look for When Finding a New House for Someone in Recovery

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The decision to find a new house for someone in recovery should not be taken lightly. The environment will affect the person's recovery, so it makes sense to take some time and think about the things you want in your living situation before taking the plunge.

1) Number of People Living in the House

The number of people living in a house can make or break someone's recovery. If you are not around other sober individuals, it will be difficult for your loved one to take that first step towards sobriety. This is especially important if they still live with people who might enable them.

The number of people coming and going from the different units can make your loved one nervous if they try to get sober. You don't want too many people living together in a small area because it can make recovery more difficult, but you also don't want your loved ones by themselves with no support during this time.

2) What Type of Housemate is Ideal?

Some people in recovery like the accountability of having a housemate, but the type of roommate you get can make or break your loved one's recovery. If your loved one is trying to stay sober, they shouldn't have to compete with their housemates for everything (i.e., beer in the fridge). They should be able to work together and support each other while living under the same roof during this difficult time period of their lives.

3) What does the Area have to offer?

The area around your loved one's new house should be where they can find support and resources for staying sober. This might include going to meetings, talking with counselors, or even visiting other sober individuals that live nearby. You don't want an environment that is too far away from these types of resources because it will be difficult for your loved one to get there, especially if they are in the beginning stages of their recovery.

4) Where will this House be Located?

The location of your loved one's new house can help or hurt their recovery. You want a clean and sober place but also familiar to them, so they feel comfortable during the first few months away from home. The last thing you want is for your loved one to be uncomfortable in an area where everyone is using drugs or drinking all of the time. You want them to be familiar with their surroundings, so they know where everything is located, but you don't want it to trigger their cravings for alcohol and/or drugs either.

Use the above information to help you find a house for your loved ones during their recovery. Finding the right new house can be stressful for anyone, but when you’re looking to buy a new house for someone in recovery, there are additional things you need to consider. Use these tips moving forward as well, and you can find a house that will work for your loved one.

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