4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Home with Boat Access

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When looking for a home with boat access, there are several considerations that should be made. It’s important to consider all aspects because some homes can have modifications made, but you need to know the requirements beforehand. If a waterfront home is your choice, it is crucial to consider the following factors for the convenience of using a boat.


1. Type of Boats Allowed

The main reason for buying a home adjacent to a water body with boat access is to sail. It is important to find out if guidelines on the type of boats to sail from neighborhood associations or local authorities. Some places allow powered and high-speed boats while others prohibit them.


Determine if your boat type has a clearance that allows hassle-free sailing under any bridges or locks between open waters and your target home. You need to know about the low and high tide clearance to be sure that no condition inhibits you.


2. Depth of the Water

A waterfront home is expensive and should meet your boating lifestyle. The water depth is one of the most important factors to consider. The water depth at the location should be adequate at all phases of a tide. Water depth is not equal for different waterfront homes. The difference implies that there will be an impact on your navigational needs in some ways.


A good home for boating should have deep water to ensure that a boat can float on and off the lift even in the low tides of winter. In summer, a high full moon tide can be higher than a low full moon winter tide by up to 4-5 inches.


You should subtract at least 2-3 inches from the depth if you measure it at high tide during summer. You also need to subtract up to 4-5 inches to estimate actual water depth at low tides of winter months.


3. Restrictions

Many water bodies, especially those found inland like lakes, come with some restrictions. Before investing in a waterfront home, you need to know all of them to see if you will cope. Each place has its regulation and regulators, such as the military, neighborhood associations, or power companies. Each can regulate those same waters according to its regulations. These entities are not fun killers but usually have a responsibility to preserve, natural beauty of water, surrounding environment, wildlife, and culture. You get an advantage when finding a new home by becoming familiar with the regulations.


The common regulations address factors like the following:

  • Type of Boat

  • Boat Usage and Docking

  • Sea Wall Maintenance

  • Exterior and Light Fixtures


4. Kind of Water Access

The kind of access, especially for lakes, determines the price of a home. Waterfront, lake access, and lake community are three types of access. Lakefront property reaches the water line or is within a few yards of water. You enjoy the water directly when going for boating, fishing, swimming, or other recreational activities. The instant access makes it the most expensive.


Lake access is a property that is not on a lakefront but is still close to the water. It means you board a boat after a short walk, but the view of the water is clear from the home. The price is less high than that of waterfront property.


Lake community property is part of a lake neighborhood, but access to its water is not direct. A home can be a few blocks from the lake or even around a mile. These homes are the most affordable because owners do not directly access the waters, although they enjoy the lifestyle.


A home adjacent to or close to the water is the best fit for you if you like boating every day. After determining the convenience of boat access, it is also essential to consider if the area has the essential amenities since a home is not like a holiday camp when you can forego them for a moment. Some waterfront regions have challenges with cell phone signals, high speed, etc., so it is crucial to determine before buying.


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