Things to Know Before Renting a PODS Moving Container

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What to Know Before Moving With PODS

If you have already planned your next big move, hiring a professional moving services provider is one of the many considerable expenses on your list. It doesn’t need to be so. You can choose to rent a PODS container and save good money.

You can rent a portable moving container from PODS in a completely different state at a fraction of the cost of a traditional moving company. The cost of moving with PODS is fairly straightforward. It is not only much cheaper, but also it secures all your stuff during the move.

PODS is one of the most popular in this area and provides a generous range of sizes and costs.

About PODS

PODS comes from “Portable On Demand Storage,” a company founded in the US. They rent moving and storage containers of various sizes. They have water-resistant and impact-resistant sides, with steel roll-up ground access, locked by key. Their containers come in the 7, 12, and 16-foot variants.

The process goes like this. You rent the PODS containers, bring them in, and then store everything you want to move in it.  Then the company comes and takes your locked container and arranges the move, either long or short distance.

PODS will provide the same services for businesses and individuals. Moving with PODS is the most popular alternative to renting from one of the best self-storage companies.

Benefits for Renting a PODS Container

You can rent a PODS container either for storage or for moving. Either way, you will enjoy several benefits:

  • The costs are affordable.
  • Your items should be perfectly safe inside the container.
  • They adapt to your schedule and free time without having to pay extra money.
  • The loading and unloading of the container is a straightforward process.
  • You don’t have to pay for a moving truck, for its loading and unloading, for the driver, nor for you to exhaust yourself by driving across the country.
  • The steel frame of PODS containers and their water-resistant walls is the best way to store your items, no matter how long your move lasts.
  • The loading/unloading does not require a ramp.
  • Each container has a lock with keys, tie-downs, and steel locking latches.
  • PODS containers resist winds up to 110mph.

The Steps for Renting a PODS Container

As we already told you, the renting process is easy and accessible. Here are the steps you need to follow to make the best out of a PODS container.

Decide when to use PODS services and the rental period: You will first decide what you want to do with all your goods. Do you choose to store them in the area where you used to live? Or do you want to move everything inside the container to your new home city?

If you choose the storage option, a new decision awaits you. You have to select either to store the PODS container in your own space or keep it at the special PODS storage premises, next to many other storage containers.

The next decision is the rental period. According to your moving plans, you can rent the PODS container short-term or long-term.

The delivery address, date, and size: The next thing you have to do is to announce PODS where you want the container delivered. If we are talking about moving or storage, you have to let them know where you need it.

At the same time, you must figure out the date you need the container and the size that corresponds to your needs.

Loading the container: PODS will leave the container in your care after the container is delivered at the address and date you specified. Loading your belongings is your job. You need to arrange them as ergonomically as it gets to give full value to the container’s inner storage space.

How you do it, how you move larger furniture, and how long it takes are entirely up to you.

Container pickup and delivery to the final address: If you decide to move the container to your new home address or PODS storage center, they will come at an agreed date to pick it up.

PODS takes care of the container’s safe transportation to the final address indicated by you.

Costs for PODS Container Rental

The price you will pay for a PODS container depends on the size you choose and the use you give it, moving or storage.

The cost is determined by the container’s size, the rental period, and the distance you need to transport it. You can expect to pay less if you move to the same city or state and rent for a few weeks.

If you move to a long-distance, across the country, prices start from $800. The longer the rental period, the more it adds to your final price. Despite this, you will pay much less than when working with a professional moving company.

If you keep the PODS container on your property, the storage rental prices start around $110 per month in the 12-foot version and around $120 in the case of the 16-foot one.

Depending on storage location and period, the final price may vary. Maximum Real Estate Exposure has an in-depth reference going over all of the details of renting a PODS. Refer back to this excellent resource at the beginning of the article.

PODS Moving and Storage Containers Options

When it comes to size, you have three options. Let us present you now with more details about each of the available sizes and what benefits they bring you.

The 7-ft Container

The storage size is 7’x7’x8’ and 385 cubic feet. It is a perfect choice for storing and moving small-volume belongings. This is the most requested version in case of an apartment or studio move.

The 7-ft container is the equivalent of a 10-ft long moving truck. PODS rents 7-ft moving and storage containers all over the U.S. and Canada, as well as locally.

You can use it for: moving studio apartments, small dwellings, college rooms, small estates, various furniture pieces for a second house, and storage during renovation works in your home.

The 12-ft Container

This container provides a 12’x8’x8’ and 689 cubic feet storage space. It is recommended to move or store an apartment or a house with 2 – 3 rooms.

It is the equivalent of a 15-ft long moving truck. PODS provides these containers on all PODS storage centers and only for moving or storage in the same town.

Here are the main uses for a 12-ft container: moving or storing 2-3 rooms, larger apartments, offices, storage during the renovation works.

The 16-ft Container

This is the biggest version you can rent from PODS. It offers 16’x8’x8’ and 857 cubic feet of interior space. According to PODS, the 16-ft container has the same storage capacity as a 20-ft long rented truck.

This container size is available for transportation and storage all over the U.S. and Canada, as w2ell as on short distances.

Recommendations Before Renting a PODS Container

Renting a PODS container for your moving or storage needs requires some planning ahead. You shouldn’t expect to make such a decision on an impulse.

If you want the best price and the fastest solution, first you need to plan and arrange for all your moving details. Dates, duration, when you need to evacuate the old home, when you get access to your new home, etc.

However, moving with the help of PODS containers can be a simple, carefree process if you take into consideration the following steps:

You can’t expect to find a suitable container free for you right the next day. So you should know in advance when you need it and how long it takes to move everything in.

So we recommend you call PODS and book the appropriate container size at least 1 week in advance. This is valid both for the delivery and the pickup dates.

Manage your storage space well, and when you estimate the required space, take some extra into account. If you are just at the limit with one container size, better order the next bigger one. Or order several containers at the same time.

For storing the items inside, go for plastic containers. The cardboard boxes are a bad choice since they may break and expose or destroy your belongings during transportation.

Besides plastic bins, you will also need blankets, scissors, tape, dolly, cords, and packing paper besides plastic bins.

Check if PODS has coupon campaigns during your move so that you can benefit from lower costs.

Personally supervise the delivery and the pickup of your rented container. Tell the driver where to place it, check the locks and the entire state of the container.

Here are even more tips to consider when renting a moving container.

Final Tips to Packing a PODS Container

It should be easier to load a PODS container than a moving truck since the former is ground level.

Take into account the following recommendations when starting packing;

  • Distribute the weight of your items equally around the container.
  • Spread the big furniture pieces and all the heavy items all over the container edges; don’t keep them all in one place.
  • Put the items you need in front of the container’s door more often or faster, so you can have easy access to them when you reach the new location. This includes smaller items like pillows, bathroom products, clothes, etc.
  • Do not put the important documents inside the PODS container. The IDs, certificates, property title, vehicle documents, and medical records should stay with you.

Other Helpful Moving Resources

Here is some other excellent reading material before making a move.

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Use these moving guides to educate yourself for a better experience.

Final Thoughts

Moving with PODS is an excellent way to make a do-it-yourself move. As with any move it pays to plan well in advance. Those who plan out their move ahead of time tend to experience far less stress.

While the actual move is the hardest part, there are other tasks such as notifying everyone you're moving, changing your address, forwarding your mail, and a whole slew of other tasks in between. With a stiff upper lip, you'll get it all done and be settling into your new home.

Hopefully, you have learned a few new things about renting a PODS container.

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