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"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

I enjoy reading and have been trying to find time to enter Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist August book review challenge. Summer is a busy time for us golfers, and I'm getting ready for that 2-month road trip I posted about yesterday.

I leave for my road trip this coming Friday, so I can see the book review isn't going to get done. I think the 500-word requirement for one book review has been intimidating me. LOL 

Anyway, I decided to do 3 short reviews in one post, which should well exceed the 500-word requirement.

This probably won't qualify for points, but at least I can say I participated. ūüėÉ

Create Your Own Path
(What To Do Next In Your Career Or Business)
By: James Thompson

The reason I read this book is because a friend of mine wrote it. The author, James Thompson, is an amazing guy. He is only 23 years old and has the wisdom of someone much older. It is written in instructive workbook format. Really a good book. 

I became a goal setter pretty early in my adult life and James' book would have been a great addition to my personal and professional development library. 

I didn't really choose my professions. You might say they chose me, or it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Not everyone is so lucky.

This book helps you design a path for yourself.  It is a wonderful book for someone trying to figure out what to do in their life, whether young or an older person wanting to reboot.

Love Without Cause
(Create Inner Transformation, Renew Your Thinking, and Be Love In a World That Doesn't Deserve It)
By: Rebecca Augustine 

This is another book written by a friend so, of course, I had to read it. Honestly, this truly IS a book everyone should read. I find this book hard to explain in words. It's more of an experience.

Here is what several reviewers had to say:
"In our lives, we occasionally read a book, watch a movie, or have an extraordinary moment that creates a profound change within us, something so transformative that it resonates at the most immense depth of our being, something that changes our perception of ourselves and the world around us...  And so it was with this book." 

"Not for everyone but provides unique principles to filter through the noise."

"Love Without Cause is a workout for the emotional self. Ms Augustine's 52-week program of practical exercises helps the reader reboot from an emotional and mental standpoint."

(The Disciplined Pursuit of Less)
By: Greg McKeown

I originally listened to this book on Audible and liked it so much I wanted a hard copy.

We're living in a high-speed society with so much information coming at us with constant demands for our time and energy. This book helps us determine what is really important, whether it be work or in our personal lives. When you really think about it, much of what we've been thinking is essential is not.

What other reviewers have to say:
"I read this book 1 - 2 times per year to keep my balance."

"This is one of those books that I took in bite sized chunks. Read a bit, consider and try to put into practice until my actions were becoming habitual. You choose to improve, or you don't."

These are all books I would recommend and they would make excellent gifts.

That said, I also enjoy reading novels when I think my brain needs a rest.  I love learning and being introduced to new perspectives on things. I can do that through both fiction and non-fiction reading.

I do a lot of driving, so much of my reading is done in the car via Audible or another audiobook app called Chirp.

I have pre-loaded my Audible and Chirp apps for the upcoming road trip. I figure I'll have about 200 hours of driving time, so that's a lot of reading.  I won't be "reading" the whole time, of course, but I will be a lot of the time.

"Information is FREE.
Knowledge, Experience & Integrity Are Priceless."

- Carol Williams

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I think I might be getting a little behind on some of this reading, but it sounds wonderful, all of it

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