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Being in the real estate business means getting down to all of the information the clients need to see -- from the details in the contract, to the homes for sale, and of course, how the home looks like when presenting it to potential buyers. And what better way of showing things around to clients of what the home looks like than pictures. Today, I'm with the man behind those wonderful photos with our listings, Tyson, and he is also here to provide us with tips on how to make your home look more presentable.

Less is More

If you're selling a home, it is important that potential buyers are able to imagine what it's like for them to see the home for themselves. However, seeing some unnecessary items around the house might not make it appealing to the buyers, let alone for the photographers to take pictures of them. Remember -- we're selling the house, and it should look like something tha the new owners can customize to their liking, and that is by freeing up space and removing most, if not all, personalizations to it.

Let there be Light

If there is one thing that buyers would love aside from the sense of customization they can have upon looking at the home is of course, the lighting. It's important to brighten up the house. Natural light is more appealing to the viewers, and what you can do to achieve that is to open up the windows, open up the blinds if you have them, and avoid having dark curtains in the house as much as possible. This gives the impression of how spacious the home is, and a welcoming aura to the potential buyers of the house as well. 

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Clear the Front

Move the car, please. While car dealerships are a good business nowadays since daily transport has become a necessity, we're not selling a car. We're trying to sell real estate, and curb appeal is very important, especially when the photos get posted online. Aside from that, mow your lawn, make sure that the curb is nice and clean, and keep the elements outside of the home balanced and attractive. 

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Vacant vs. Furnished 

Some photographers would prefer a vacant home. However, for Tyson, a furnished home has more perks. It adds more personality and the pictures may look more cozy and appealing. 

two black suede armchairs during daytime

Virtual Staging

There are some homes, however, that are already vacant -- no furnitures whatsoever. Like this 1969 home that my client and I was trying to sell. It needed more personality, and so what Tyson and his team are good at is virtual staging. It is a process of putting in 3D elements to a photo, such as furniture, to personalize the look of the home's interior. Thus, from the house looking like it's stuck in its time, adding these elements that almost felt like it was meant for that home. 

As for Tyson, he mentioned that it's all thanks to his team that does the magic behind the scenes when it comes to virtual staging. 3D rendering of these furnitures is carefully selected and handled with precision, along with the lighting that comes into these photos that a person just using Photoshop will not be able to do. Virtual staging is an act of love and a modern art -- sometimes remodelling elements from the ground up and choosing the right ones to go with the home comes in to work. 

Future of Real Estate Photography

COVID changed a lot of things, even how real estate is done. Some clients would prefer virtual tours rather than on-site ones due to the current situation, and 3D rendering & virtual staging came a long way to provide this need to them. This not only changed the way we do real estate business, but can also be the future for all things marketing related as technology advances over time along with how business is done through multiple platforms. 

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Good information Ritu Desai.  I just had a Virtual Staging company contact me about one of my listings that is vacant.  The photo sample they sent me was very good.  It's something that I am considering.

Sep 23, 2021 02:53 PM