What Will Heaven Be Like?

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Thinking about what Heaven will be like today, it seemed the best I could do to recognize anything near it, and still knowing it was millions of miles away from what Heaven would be like, but the best I can do, maybe you can do better.

 Go back when you were a child, six years old, ten months, three years, and select the most memorable, happy day in that time frame. Focus on it, dwell on it with no distractions. Now choose another four or three times in your life and narrow those down to an unforgettable experience and bring those times into your conscious mind.

 Now realize these experiences of happiness in the past are nowhere near how wonderful Heaven will be. Causes you to stop and visualize some, doesn’t it?

 There are some truly content times in our lives here on earth And IMAGINE how Heaven will be.

 I hope your day is as great as mine

Dan Dee McGinnis

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Sham Reddy CRS
H E R Realty, Dayton, OH - Dayton, OH

Thanks sharing your thoughts on heaven Dan!

Makes us realize we can experience heaven on earth while still living!!!

Sep 19, 2021 01:56 PM
Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man

thank you Sham

Sep 20, 2021 07:35 PM
Kathy Streib
Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL
Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224

Hi Dan- I have no idea what heaven will be like. I can only appreciate what we have here on earth. 

Sep 19, 2021 05:11 PM
Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man

thank you Kathy

Sep 20, 2021 07:34 PM
Brenda J. Andrew
Professional Realtor in Corpus Christi, TX

Good morning Dan.  I don't think we can even begin to fathom the beauty there.  I think of the beautiful things we see here and know that God has so much more for us in heaven! It is a great thing to focus on, especially with all of the things going on in the world today. Thanks for bringing the thought in - have a great day!

Sep 20, 2021 04:34 AM
Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man

thank you Brenda


Sep 20, 2021 07:33 PM
Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

Gratitude - that is what heaven will be in my opinion - have a wonderful day

Sep 21, 2021 07:48 PM
Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man


thank you


Sep 22, 2021 12:43 PM