3 Easy Games Kids Will Love You For

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One of my biggest challenges as a mom is taking the time to PLAY with my kids. Often, I'm running at 1,000 miles an hour and it's hard to get on their level. 

Yet, what they really want from me is TIME. And fun, of course.

Why not give them both? And these games will help. Plus, they require little setup or clean-up, making it a practical way to let your hair down with your family. Try one today or this weekend!


1. Truth or Dare

The first one was a total surprise to me. I thought my dare playing days were over. But my kids talked me into it, and.....it was the most fun we've EVER had together.

So, check out these super fun dares and truth questions and play a quick game. Things like...

- Eat a spoonful of mustard

- Wear your clothes backwards

- Ask the neighbor for toilet paper

- Respond to everyone in a sing song voice

I promise, you'll laugh harder than you thought possible!

2. This or That

In this game, you pick two things that the person must choose. This could be common day items. Or, by picking the most ridiculous (or grossest) things you can think of, you're guaranteed to be laughing hysterically. Here are a few easy examples:

- Snakes or spiders?

- Lions or alligators?

- Chocolate or vanilla?

- Football or baseball?

- Christmas or your birthday?

- Tacos or pizza?

This game sparks lots of interesting conversation too!

3. Two Truths & a Lie

How well does your family really know you? Test it out and see by coming up with two truths and one lie, and then seeing if they can pick out the falsehood. Get tricky with: 

- Things you think about (and they wouldn't know)

- Obscure childhood favorites

- Secret pet peeves

- Secret talents

- Accomplishments you haven't talked about often

In Conclusion

There you have it! These games are simple but make a HUGE difference in the way you bond with your kids. Life isn't all about work and seriousness. Show your family that they matter to. And that you can relax and play too.

What are your favorite games to play with your family? I'd love to know!


Comments (3)

Brenda J. Andrew
Professional Realtor in Corpus Christi, TX

Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for bringing some fun into the Rain!  I am going to visit my grand kids in a couple of days and I think these games are the perfect thing I was looking for!  I am printing this out now to take along. Thanks for sharing your fun!

Sep 20, 2021 01:11 PM
Jennifer Kropf

Brenda! I'm so glad you found them helpful! I hope you have an amazing time with your grandkids!

Sep 27, 2021 11:25 AM
Ed Silva
Mapleridge Realty, CT 203-206-0754 - Waterbury, CT
Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally

Truth or Dare with family could be tricky, especially when one seldom offers up too much of the personal

Sep 20, 2021 01:53 PM
Rocky Dickerson
Realty One Group - Las Vegas, NV
Superior Service!

Good evening Jennifer! Okay, you're hosting game night at the next AR get together

Sep 21, 2021 07:50 PM