Revolutionize your experiment using an automated DNA extraction machine

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Are you wondering to bring a new life to your DNA extraction experiment? Yes, it is possible if you opt for the best-automated DNA extraction machine. In this guide, we shall guide you on everything about a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system. 


Why is there a need for an automated nucleic acid extraction instrument?

The goal to enhance accuracy and speed while minimizing human interaction has always motivated the use of automated DNA extraction machines. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are working hard to create diagnostics and treatments using a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system to combat the virus while keeping the number of people working on it to a minimum. 

It has been critical in this endeavor to find techniques to automate nucleic acid purification to enhance throughput, repeatability, and precision while also processing samples with a high degree of purity. This enhances the importance of automated nucleic acid extraction instruments. 


Following are some of the requirements that arise the importance of automated DNA extraction machines. 


1. Simplicity

When it comes to a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system, the first thing to consider is the ease of use. While automation saves time and money, depending on how well it fits into the workflow, it may also increase complexity. 

Humans can adjust protocols and workflows to meet their needs while using automated nucleic acid extraction instruments. This makes nucleic acid extraction easier. 

According to experts, many automated DNA extraction machines are worth using that help to set up experiments easily with the hope of accurate findings.

As a result, investments in any lab apparatus, particularly the use of a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system, should be made with long-term research goals in mind, including sample types, possible analytes of interest, and variations in throughput.


2. Speed

During the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, laboratories were required to obtain, store, run, and evaluate samples in a matter of days. It zeroed in on instruments and procedures that required little knowledge and skill to use and deploy. 

Thus arose the need for automated nucleic acid extraction instruments to a great extent. Experts felt a dire need to specialize in easy-to-use automated DNA extraction machines combined with application-specific reagents that can be readily introduced into laboratory workflows, allowing personnel to process samples fast with minimum training.


3. Quality

For sensitive downstream applications such as life sciences, diagnostics, sequencing, forensics, and genetic engineering, high-quality nucleic acids must be isolated. As a result, selecting the appropriate automated nucleic acid extraction instrument for nucleic acid extraction is critical.


4. Flexibility

Customers are becoming more interested in difficult-to-work-with sample types, according to experts. Hence, I believe that an automated DNA extraction machine will become a must-have for everyone in the lab and will continue to evolve.

Most experts and researchers feel that there is a rising demand for a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system to extract DNA and RNA from the most difficult samples. 



Now you will be able to recognize the importance of a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system. Let’s search and get one for your lab too!

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