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If you are thinking of selling your home in the next year or so you may be wondering what you should do to prepare your home for sale.  These tips I am going to give you work whether you have a home in Commerce or a lake home in Waterford.  My goal as you listing realtor is to help you get top dollar for your home while selling it relatively quick.  It's not about listing it at a low ball price.  It's about trying to get you top dollar for the condition it is in.

Remember this....the more updated your home is the better the chance you will get a higher price.  It's that simple.  Updated move in ready homes sell for more.  If you read many of my articles you will realize I preach this.  However it may not pay for you to do all the updating.  You may not get a return on some improvements.  So why do them?  Why do them if you are going to lose money?  Why waste your energy and your money.  

Even though getting your home ready to sell will help it sell for more money and will help your home sell quicker it may not be smart to do it.

how to stage your home
So here are 5 fast home sales tips for your home whether it is in Wayne County, Oakland County, Livingston County, or Genessee County.

Here are five quick tips to get your SE Michigan home ready to sell.  Home Buyers now days want to move in plug in the TV and relax on the couch.  Home buyers do not want to paint, remove wallpaper, redo the house.  Buyers want the home "move in ready".

De-personalize -  Buyers get distracted by your "stuff".  Less stuff makes your home look better.  Think of it as pre-packing.  De- personalizing is probably one of the easiest and cheapest task when getting your home ready to sell.  Take down your personal and family pictures.  If you have collections put them away.  Salt and Pepper collections, Plate collections, doll collections, and clown collections that some people accumulate.  Try not to define the new buyer.  Put your collection away.     You are trying to make your house appeal to the greatest number of buyers by de-personalizing your home.  Some buyers just can not visualize themselves in your home if your stuff turns them off or they get caught up in looking at your stuff.  You want them to look at your house, not the "stuff".  If you are country themed or ultra modern loosen up the them.  By appealing a larger number of home buyers you are more likely to sell your home quicker.  The buyer may not like country.

De-clutter -  Think of this as pre-packing.  The rule I like my Metro Detroit sellers to live by, is only have 2-3 items on top of any shelf or counter top.  Keep it simple.  Get all the knick knacks off the shelves, counter tops, refrigerator.  Open up the rooms by getting rid of a few pieces of furniture.  Most rooms should only have 3-4 pieces of furniture in them.  Organize and straighten up your home.  Store all your excess stuff at a storage locker or a friends house.  We want your Metro Detroit home to appear open and spacious.

De-ordorize - Like some of the Febreeze commercials may not smell odors in your house because you live around them all the time.  Pet smells, smoke smells are all deal killers.  Do you want to kill your sale and keep your home on the market a long time?  Let it smell.  Nothing kills a home sale quicker than bad smells. Pet odors, fishy smells, mildew smell, old person smell, curry, cigar or cigarette smoke kill home deals.  Buyers will not stay in your house long if it smells.  More homes are crossed off the list because of the home smelling.  Smoke outside, repaint to get rid of the smell.  Find the source of the odor and eliminate it.  Some smells that offend Michigan home buyers.    You may not smell it but may offend a buyer.   Buy a cinnamon, or chocolate chip cookie candle and burn it before showings.

Neutralize your home - Get rid of all the wall paper especially flowered or vegetable wallpaper.  Repaint that purple wall.  Tear up that patterned carpeting or shag carpeting.  Again you want the Metro Detroit home for sale to be move in ready.   Most Southeastern Michigan home buyers do not want to have to do anything.  A neutral color will appeal to a greater number of buyers than that dark red wall.  Still to light greys, beiges, light yellows.  I would stay away from true White colors.

Update -  Updated homes appeal to home buyers - Updated homes sell quicker.  So if you are living in your homes for a few more years and want to update the kitchen or bathroom.  Do it.  Make your partner or yourself happy.  Enjoy the updates while you live there.  It will help you sell your SE Michigan home quicker and for more money if the kitchens and bathrooms are updated.  These are the top two updates that sell a home and you may get some of your money back.  You most likely will not get it all back.  The key is how much do you want to spend and get back.  Just do not go overboard and put a ton of money into the updates.  You will not get all of your money back out of a house.  If you put a $40,000 kitchen into a $150,000 house buyers are not going to distinguish the value of those high end cabinets.  This is a general rule:  Most updates increase the value of the home.  Sure you do not get it all the money back but it helps sell the house.  An updated kitchen with granite will sell twice as fast as a 30 year old kitchen.

If you do it nice but as inexpensively as possible.

These home selling tips will help you sell your home quicker and will help you get more money for your home.  However it is all about how much time and money you want to invest.  Click here for more home selling tips

These tips have helped my clients get top dollar for their homes.  My clients have sold their Metro Detroit homes for more money than some of their neighbors getting the best price in the neighborhood because they took the time to prepare and stage their home for sale.  I think these tips will work for you too.

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