What to Give for Your Mother for Her Birthday?

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Mom is our closest person who will always give us unconditional love no matter what. And when her birthday is approaching, there is a difficult issue of what to give your beloved one as a gift to make the celebration happy and memorable for her. You wish to find something special and unconventional as a mother’s joy is priceless and we’re ready to spend money and time to make her eyes shine with happiness.


One of the amazing gift for a mother’s birthday can be her portrait. Of course, not all of us are great painters so you can resort to professionals who will create a true masterpiece for her.

To start a design production, you need to choose a photo where your mother’s face is clearly seen. The picture should be clear and the light in it should be natural. If needed, a designer can add colors to the image or on the contrary make it black and white. Очень большой популярностью пользуются так называемые «комбинированные» портреты, когда в качестве основы используются макеты, к которым с помощью фотошопа присоединяется фото лица главной героини.


Historical Portrait

One of the most popular types of portraits which are bought for mothers is a commissioned artwork where a face of a modern woman is added to a dazzling Renaissance queen.

Such a portrait will remind us of great epochs of the past granting us their powerful energy. Luxurious palaces, sumptuous clothes, exquisite hairstyles, all of this beauty will be embodied in a portrait. And no doubt that this gift will bring lots of joy not only to your mother but to the guests at the birthday party as well.

All you need for creation of a masterpiece is to find a good mother’s photo and to choose a queen’s outfit on the website for her. All the rest will be done by designers.


Modern Portrait

If your mother is not a big fan of historical portraits but adores some singers or actresses, you can pitch upon the creation of a modern portrait where your mom’s face will be added to a recognizable image of a celeb. You can follow the link and look for the options or ask for a custom portrait to be created https://www.popartyou.com/.


Pet Portrait

And, finally, if your mom is a big pet lover, you can choose to order a funny and vivid portrait of her pet wearing a historical outfit or a superhero costume. Елу a picture of the pet at its eye level and make sure its full head is seen in the image. Then choose a template that your mother will like be it a Renaissance gentleman, war hero, a modern sportsman or a brave fireman. A digital artist will use special software to seamlessly blend in the photo into an artwork creating a hilarious, touching and simply cute pet portrait that will definitely continue to raise your mom’s spirits from the moment of giving.

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