New Homeowner Guide to the Common Household Supplies

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As a new homeowner, you're probably wondering what supplies you'll need to keep your house in good condition. There are many household supplies out there, but if you know where to look and what to look for, it can be easy to select the right tools for the job.


This guide will go over all the different types of common household supplies that will prove helpful as a homeowner. We'll discuss when and why you'll use them, and give you some recommendations on what brands to consider.

Household Tools:

These tools are used for repairing, constructing, and maintaining your house.

  • Hammer- When nails are needed to hang curtains, pictures, or other decorations on your walls, you'll definitely want a hammer within reach. You can also use a hammer for various projects around the house, such as knocking apart old furniture without damaging the wood.
  • Screwdriver -A simple screwdriver will help tighten loose screws in cabinets or chairs, hanging shelves and other hardware around the house, and installing new locks on interior doors.
  • Tape Measure- Not all tape measures are created equal; some may have metal or nylon components that make them suitable for specific uses.

Cleaning Supplies:

These tools are used for regular cleaning tasks around the house.

  • Vacuum- If you have carpets, a vacuum is definitely one of the common household supplies to have on hand. It will help remove debris that accumulates in carpet fibres to prevent it from turning into dust, irritating allergies and breathing problems.
  • Broom- A broom can be used to sweep dirt, sawdust, leaves, and other materials outside your home so they don't clog up entranceways or doorways. For smooth floors like vinyl or tile, you may want to use a Swiffer Sweeper instead; this type of mop uses disposable pads rather than clothes that need to be laundered.
  • Mop- If you have dirt or grime that has built up over time; a mop helps remove it from floors. There are two types of mops: string mops and sponge mops. String mops use a long strip of fabric to pick up dirt while sponge mops use a disposable pad on a stick with an attached head.

Dishware & Cutlery:

  • Plates- When hosting guests for dinner or when you just want to have some chips and dip with your favourite snacks, there's nothing better than having plenty of plates within reach. Make sure you have enough plates in various sizes so they can accommodate different dinners and occasions.
  • Cups- For coffee, tea, soup, cereal, or any other drink you enjoy in the morning or during the day, having enough dedicated mugs and cups on hand will be helpful.
  • Kitchen utensils- You'll have everything you need to cook with already within reach if your kitchen is well-stocked. Check out what types of cooking supplies you can find before buying anything extra so that you don't overspend on unnecessary items.

Bath Accessories:

These supplies are useful for maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom. Keep them near your bathtub or shower stall to make cleanup easier after each use.

  • Soapdish & soap- Having a place to store your soap and extra bars will prevent them from sitting on the wet floor and dissolving.
  • Shower caddy-A shower caddy helps transport toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or shaving cream into the shower; simply hang one of these over the bathtub faucet and you can easily reach everything you need.
  • Towel rack & bath mat-When you step out of the bathtub or shower, having somewhere to rest your feet will make you feel more refreshed and comfortable. You can also use a towel rack near the sink area to hold towels after they've been laundered so they stay warm and dry before they're used.
  • Mold gel remover-Mold and mildew can cause stains and unpleasant smells inside your home. A mold remover gel helps remove these types of blemishes and keep your bathroom clean.


In conclusion, a new house-owner should be aware of the different household supplies available, and having the essentials on hand will make your renovation tasks easier.





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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
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Good morning Joe. The one thing missing I can't live without is vinegar. A miracle liquid. Enjoy your day.

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