Should You Install White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets In Your Home

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Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen can be hard. It is understandable if you get stuck on the right color to choose. But with professional guidance, you can find the right colors for your kitchen cabinets. But before you settle on style and color, you need to examine the pros and cons.

Today, we’ll focus on white shaker kitchen cabinets. The key interest is knowing whether they are great for your kitchen. We’ll explore some pros and cons to guide you.

The pros of white cabinetry

Whether you are going for white shaker kitchen cabinets or the regular white cabinetry, here are some of the benefits that you are likely to get:

Classic appeal

White is among the colors that have survived the test of time. This color option is popular today despite being one of the oldest kitchen colors. When you have it in your kitchen cabinetry, you will make your kitchen look classic.


It is also an attractive color that is elegant. When well maintained, white looks crispy and tends to attract visitors. But this means that you have to take care of it to get the constant crispy look.

Works well with many styles

It is a color option that works well with other styles. You can easily mix white with any other color and the results would be outstanding. It is a neutral color. Installing white shaker kitchen cabinets gives you the leeway to have other colors in countertops, backsplash, etc.

The cons of white

Just before you settle on white, consider the following drawbacks:

Expensive to maintain

The top reason why many homeowners are still hesitant about white shaker kitchen cabinets is that the color is expensive to maintain. You will need to clean or wipe it regularly to keep it attractive.

Shows scratches

They are also quick to reveal dirt and scratches on the surface. Dark colors can hide some scratches and dirt but white cannot. This is why many homeowners prefer not to install white cabinetry.


There is no definite verdict as to whether you should choose white or other color options. You just need to examine the kind of kitchen that you have against your budget. If white is an option that will work for you based on these pros and cons, then install the white shaker kitchen cabinets. Always get your cabinetry from a professional to avoid disappointments.

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