Top 8 Backyard Features That Can Bring In More Buyers

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Top 8 Backyard Features That Can Bring In More Buyers

The backyard is the unique aspect of your home that deserves special attention, regardless of your tastes and preferences. However, if you’re looking to sell your home, then upgrading the backyard with certain features can significantly increase the selling value and bring in more buyers.

This is important if you’re keen on getting the best value for your home. Therefore, if you’re looking to spruce up any part of your home, the best suggestion is to start from your backyard. For that reason, here are some backyard features and upgrades that you may consider doing.

1. Consider a swimming pool

There’s one thing that will always boost up the selling value of the house. You’ve guessed it, we’re talking about the swimming pool. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a house with a pool? It’s such a wonderful feature, especially if you live in an area that has hot weather all-year round. But, it’s important to choose the right dimensions for the swimming pool, as you don’t want it to be too large, so it’ll dominate the entire backyard.

There are some lovely small swimming pool ideas that can be a nice decor feature, plus you’d be able to lounge there and swim.

2. Build an outdoor gym

Those who are into working out might appreciate this type of addition. Exercising out in the open is also beneficial to one’s health, so building an outdoor gym can surely increase the selling value of your home. If you’re unsure about this whole “outdoor” idea, then feel free to build a shed that can be used as a gym.

3. Don’t forget the patio

A backyard isn’t a backyard without a designated seating area. The best way to achieve that is to build a patio next to the house. That way, you’ll have more versatility, because a patio isn’t only a place with a table and chairs: it can also be an outdoor kitchen or home movie theater in the open.

There are so many possibilities, and most of them don’t require huge effort and investments. Also, the patio will make your house seem more wholesome and put-together, which is why it’s recommended to consider building one.

4. Create a pathway/walkway

A pathway or walkway serves its purpose: if you have a bigger grass area, then it helps grass remain fresh and untainted by constant walking. But, it can also add a unique sense of charm and elegance, especially if you decide to use old stones or bricks to create a more whimsical atmosphere. Still, before you start any work, make sure to lay out the walkway and do other necessary prep work.

Don’t do anything in a rush, because a pathway needs to be properly measured before installation, so take your time to plan properly and find the suitable tools and materials.

5. Ensure maximum privacy

The issue of privacy is what many homebuyers value the most, and for a reason: everyone wants to feel safe and unbothered in their own home, including the backyard. Therefore, if you feel the need, feel free to install a security system that will notify you about any potential intruders.

As for your backyard, this is where security plays the key role, so consider getting a fencing installation that will ensure you maximum protection from onlookers, while also keeping you safe from the outside view. This aspect is important especially to homeseekers who are heavily concerned about their safety.

6. Spruce up your landscape

The landscape is what people see whenever they’re in the backyard. And if they’re looking to buy a home, they want to see a landscape that is well-maintained and abundant with potential.

If you keep your landscape unkempt, the first thing a potential home buyer sees is the amount of workload they’d have to do if they buy your property. This is why you should spruce it up a bit, whether by trimming the grass, planting some rose bushes or aloe vera or cutting up old tree branches can have a huge visual impact!

7. Install outdoor lighting

Sometimes, the potential buyers might come during the early evening hours, when visibility is lower. So, installing outdoor lighting can increase the visibility of your backyard and show them how magical it might look if they decide to move in.

Everyone loves enjoyable and relaxing outdoor evenings, so making your backyard well-lit will surely boost the interest for your home! Plus, the lights can help detect burglars, while creating an elegant ambiance.

So this upgrade is a win-win for sure!

8. Add some warmth to the space

The warmth is what gives this fuzzy and cozy feeling, and that emotion is important to sell when selling your house. People generally love that type of feature as it gives more versatility for outdoor activities during colder months.

A fire pit or even a fireplace are perfect solutions, depending on your budget and the space available. If you’re a fan of rustic atmosphere, you can opt for a fire log, but a gas hook-up is also a worthy suggestion, since it’s more practical and easier to maintain.


These backyard features are worthwhile for your time and investment, as they’ll surely boost the selling value, and attract more prospective buyers. However, be sure to plan every upgrade, so it will fit seamlessly in your backyard. Remember that privacy and safety play a big role, as well as comfort, familiarity and visual appeal.



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