J. D. Phillips & Son, Silver Dining Car, Legion Hut, Searcy AR parade

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Silver Dining Car in Background

A few days ago we did a blog with a picture of a 1940's parade in Searcy AR.  In the background of that blog (click to see) were some old buildings that included our still existing Legion Hut and two other businesses.  This picture shows the buildings in better detail.  You can see the shorter one and it is called Silver Dining Car, Ralph's Place.  It was so like one that was in another blog that we need to show it to you also.  Click here to see it. In it we see Corinne Hart and her friend at the door.  When you go to it you MUST read the comments that tell all about the diners and where they were.  Some great Searcy Sleuths told us all about them back in 2008 when we started doing some blogs.

In this picture I wonder what the cover on the car represented and I had to look twice to make sure the girl on the left wasn't looking at her phone.  Oh!  There were no cell phones then!!

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