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When you hear the word lifting equipment, you probably think of forklifts, excavators, and gigantic cranes. But, do you know that there are more types of lifting equipment aside from those mentioned? Yes, that's right! As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of lifting apparatus explicitly designed for the work you need. 

 Suppose you have to transfer a heavy load weighing a couple of tons from one place to another. You surely can't do it manually, even with the help of other people. As such, this is where lifting equipment comes into play. Depending on the object's weight and the task needed, you should choose the right equipment appropriate for the work.

To help you determine which lifting equipment is appropriate for the task you're currently working on, here are the essential things you need to know before renting the suitable lifting apparatus.  

Types of Lift Equipment

Before searching for the best crane rental near me on Google for your construction or other work that needs lifting activity, it is crucial to know the different types of lifting equipment out on the market. Undoubtedly, you wouldn't want to use gigantic tower cranes to lift a couple of heavy things, aren't you?

To give you an insight about the right lifting apparatus appropriate to the job at hand, here are the common types of lifting equipment that is usually needed in construction and other work that requires lifting heavy objects. 

  • Construction Hoist. This lifting equipment contains a tower and cabin that may lift objects vertically.
  • Excavators. This apparatus is not just for digging activities. But it is also designed to move things from one area to another-- when the height is not that high.
  • Tower Cranes. This lifting equipment is ideal when moving objects up to great heights. 
  • Mobile Cranes. Smaller than tower cranes, this apparatus may lift objects at different heights. 
  • Forklifts. This equipment is especially used for carrying heavy objects so they can be easily moved upwards. 
  • Telehandlers. This lifting apparatus is typically used in the construction site to offer support when transporting heavy loads to greater heights. 
  • Bucket Truck. This equipment has a hydraulic pole with a man-carrying bucket that lifts workers to greater heights to do their job comfortably.  
  • Hydraulic Elevators. This type of lifting equipment can carry both liquid and solid materials safely and reliably. 
  • Truck-Mounted Crane. Also referred to as "boom truck," the truck-mounted crane is a lifting equipment variety with a lower weight limit than other cranes. 
  • Scissor Lift. This apparatus has cross-brace support, which can carry heavy objects or multiple workers up and down. 

What Type of Lift Equipment Should You Rent?

Depending on the scope of work you need, it is vital to know what type of lifting equipment you should rent to get the job done. For instance, when you have to paint an exterior wall with a considerably tall height, you surely need a bucket truck to finish this task. As such, you may enter the words crane service near me on your browser's search bar to look for the best rental shops in your area.   

Hence, before you book lifting equipment for rent, you have to ensure that you know the work needed to be performed. For example, you may use mobile cranes instead of tower cranes to move heavy objects from one place to another; if you need to lift and transfer them at lower levels. Moreover, a forklift is your best option if you have to pick up or carry heavy materials without using manpower. 

Guide to Renting a Lift Equipment

When you choose to rent lifting equipment for your construction worksite or moving heavy objects from one place to another, you should make sure to find the best rental company as your partner. As such, you can simply key in crane truck rental or lift equipment rental supplier on the search bar to find various companies that can provide different kinds of apparatus to do any lifting task.

On top of that, here are some factors to consider before renting lift equipment:

  • Working height
  • Is the job outdoors or indoors?
  • Jobsite terrain
  • Working area access
  • Lift weight
  • Building access
  • Tires 


Before renting lift equipment, it's crucial to know what type of apparatus is appropriate for the job at hand. With that said, it's best if you know the different lifting apparatuses and their purposes to quickly determine which among them is the right equipment to get your lifting job done.

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