Which Is Quicker In Drying Clothes? Electric Or, Gas Dryer?

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Which is Quicker in Drying Clothes? Gas or Electric?

Which dryer is quicker to dry clothes?

I have both but want to see, what you think the answer is.

Also, some helpful tips about your dryer that many may not know and might want to be aware of.

I see so many homes as I inspect for Mold or perform Mold Inspections.  I see so many issues with dryers that are not properly cleaned out.  The duct from the dryer to the outside of the house, is many times plugged up.  This creates more humidity on the inside of the house if the duct or line from the dryer or dryers is not maintained and cleaned.  This is very important and this can also create a fire hazard if this is not done on a regular basis.  After every drying, do not forget to clean out the lint trap.  If you do not clean the lint trap, you will create your dryer to work harder and you also might be inviting a fire to occur to your dryer.  Think Clean.  From time to time, get a HEPA Vacuum cleaner and vacuum out the lint trap and take out the lint filter and lint trap.  This occurs from drying clothes and is normal but you have to keep it clean and maintained.

So, which is quicker?  Which dryer, does a better job at drying the quickest?

Let's see your opinion or what you think.

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