What To Expect From A Professional Real Estate Listing Agent

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Selling your home can be stressful. You have to prepare it for showings and then keep it clean in case a potential buyer wants to drop by. In many cases, you also have to think about buying a new property and want to make sure the sale of your old home doesn’t hold up the purchase of your new one.

 With so many things to worry about, and so many factors to take into consideration, finding the right real estate listing agent couldn’t be more important.

 Not all listing agents are created equal. Here’s how to tell the difference between a professional and someone who could potentially waste your time and have a negative impact on the final sale price of your home.

1. They’re an open and clear communicator: Your realtor should walk you through every aspect of the selling process and provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect.

2. They have legal-know how: A mishandled document can ruin a sale or lead to legal action. Your realtor should have the knowledge and experience required to navigate the legal and regulatory requirements that come with selling a home.

3. They understand your needs: Why are you selling? How quickly do you want to sell? What is your current financial situation? Your realtor should work hard to understand your needs in order to understand how best to serve you.

4. They can help you stage your house: A staged home earns an average of 17 percent more than a comparable unstaged home. Who doesn’t want to earn more money from their home sale? Whether it’s painting walls, decluttering or introducing modern furniture, your realtor should not only know how to stage a home, they should be able to do it too — you already have enough to worry about.

5. They are honest and have integrity: Ensure your realtor is a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association. In order to be part of OREA, realtors must adhere to a strict code of ethics, which include promoting and protecting clients' best interests. On top of that, honest realtors tell it like it is, even when it’s something you may not want to hear (like making a suggestion about your decor).

Not only do high-quality listing agents help simplify and clarify the selling process, they can also help you get the most for your home while helping to eliminate stress.

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