5 Things to Do That Add Fun & Meaning to Your Day

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Does life feel a little ho-hum these days? Like you are going through the motions in life?

I know for me, I love routine. And yet, when I get too entrenched in my routine I start feeling a little lackluster towards life. We all need a little fun and meaning in our days. Here are 5 easy ways to get it!

1. Go Somewhere New

Sure, you go to the same coffee shop, grocery store, and restaurant every time. But what if you switched it up? What if you tried a new food? Or even just sat in a different spot in your normal place? This small tweak can add energy into your outing that inspires you.

Bonus: Make a bucket list - get great ideas HERE!>>

2. Learn Something

Really, when was the last time you upgraded your skills? Upping our work game, the level of our favorite hobby, or even your cooking knowledge is an easy way to add a pep to your step and feel like you are improving in your life.

3. Write a Thank You Note

Or send a quick text, send a card, or make a phone call. It takes one or two minutes to show someone appreciation, but it makes you both feel SO good.

4. Touch Base With Someone Who Inspires You

It could be your mentor or simply a friend that always lifts you. Do you talk with this person enough? If the answer is "probably not" give them a call or schedule a get together with them today!

5. Plan a Vacation

Even if it's the middle of the week and you can't leave right this second, anticipation makes us just as happy as an actual vacation. So, plan ahead for your three day weekends, upcoming trips, and any other downtime you can look forward too. (Don't forget a few mental health days to refuel and re-inspire).

In Conclusion

There you have it, these are easy but they will boost you in the middle of a dreary week. And one more thing, get out in nature!

Nature walks and bike rides give you both the benefit of exercise and the healing power of mother Earth. Go with your family and you'll add quality connection to the beautiful mix too.

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John Pusa
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Hello Jennifer Kropf these are very good list of things to do can add fun & meaning to a day.

Oct 07, 2021 08:37 PM