How to Get More Natural Light at Home

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Homeowners know natural light is a significant selling point for any home. It immediately makes any house look more appealing, leading to more happiness at home and better value when you look to sell.

Here's how to get more natural light at your home.

A Little Paint Will Do Wonders

If you want to brighten up your house, consider slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind when selecting a paint for the job that the finish varies on a scale from highly reflective to not reflective. Choosing highly reflective colors or a high-gloss or semi-gloss will help capture more natural light in your house.

  1. Soffits or Eaves

Consider painting the overhangs created by your roof, also known as an eave or soffit, the color white. Painting it white will brighten this section of your home and reflect all light into your home, increasing its luminescence. Also, your eaves or soffits aren't visible to anyone but you, so there’s no concern about the white clashing with the rest of your home color scheme.

  1. Ceilings

To increase the brightness of your rooms, consider painting your ceilings white. White truly is the best color to reflect light naturally. However, choose a flat or matte white to reduce the glare that a glossier paint sheen provides when selecting your paint.

  1. Walls

On the other hand, for walls, select a higher-gloss paint like a semi-gloss or satin. As stated earlier, white pigments reflect best, but some can also see white as a cold color. 

Consider using an off-white shade to give your room a more welcoming feel. Using a glossier paint like a semi-gloss or satin will still generate a reflective finish and give your home the sense of more natural light.

Semi-gloss and satin paints are also great for highly trafficked areas in your home, like kitchens and bathrooms, and can withstand stains and repeat washings if needed.

Up Your Window Game

One of the main benefits of increasing the natural light in your home is the positive effect on your mental health. It can dramatically benefit your overall mood — daily exposure to sunlight can even lower your stress levels and anxiety. 

So why not create more spaces in your home for sunlight to enter naturally? Window additions can be extensive remodeling projects, but they can add long-term value for both your household and your home value. Consider the following:


Install a few skylights to let sunlight enter your home immediately. Skylights bring in more consistent light because they sit in your roof and are less likely to be blocked by a tree or shadowed by another object outside.


If you have the budget, think about installing new windows to increase your natural light. Go with bigger windows to bring in more light. Consider installing bi-folding glass doors to transform a room and bring in a spectacular view.

If new windows are out of the picture, be aware of any trees or plants that could be blocking natural light from your home. Trim the greenery back and maintain it routinely to keep it from interfering with the light. Additionally, wash your windows to ensure as much light as possible can filter through the glass.

Get Reflective

Another way to bring more natural light into your home is to accessorize with a bright and reflective backsplash and flooring in critical areas of your house. Consider getting additional items like wall sconces for hallways, mirrors for the bedrooms, and chandeliers for the living room and kitchen. All these accessories will work together to brighten your home.

Install Glass or Ceramic Tiles

Glass tile is highly reflective, quickly spreading natural light around any room. Utilize glass tile as a backsplash in any bathroom or kitchen. You can also consider installing ceramic tiles to generate a similar effect. Use white for the greatest luminescence or mix colors to match a different color scheme.

Choose the Right Flooring

When you think flooring, chances are good you don't think about reflectivity. One way to increase a home's natural light is to install wood, stone, or ceramic floors with a polished finish. While carpeted floors absorb light, these other types of flooring materials reflect it. Consider what type of flooring fits best with your home, and watch how it brings in the natural light to your space.

Increased Natural Light Equals Increased Happiness

When you work to increase the natural light in your home, you’ll find that your overall satisfaction in your home increases, too. Add a coat of paint to your walls, clean your windows, or think about installing a new tile backsplash to your bathroom today.

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Dick Betts
REALTOR® The Villages, Florida

Great post, here in Florida it's all about natural light.  Many homes here in The Villages has solar tubes which is great for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.  No light switch needed!

Oct 06, 2021 10:14 AM
Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
RE/MAX Realty Center 262-567-2455 - Waukesha, WI
Giving Back With Each Home Sold!

Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Nov 30, 2021 07:16 AM