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Iv'e been a home inspector for over eight years and I still can't figure out realtors???? My job is to protect my client and I beleive I do a good job.

What I can't understand is when a realtor tells me everything in the home is in good condition and you walk in and it's is not. I have nothing against realtors but when I ask the realtor how long have you been doing this and they say 10-12 years I say to them,before you took on the listing you looked over the home didn't you, And they say yes.

I try not to cause any problems but by the time i'm done with the inspection there are many issues with the home, some minor and some major and I tell my client about them so they can make a informed decision on the property. That's my job period.

Then the realtor gets upset with me and I tell them if you have been in the bussiness for 10-12 years and looked at the property you new that there was some problems. I understand that they would like to sell the property but they must also be upfront with the people and the deal will go a lot quicker.

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Linda Coen-Cushman
Coen-Cushman Real Estate, LLC. - Fort Bragg, NC

 As for taking on a listing, we don't really look deep for problems.  We do discuss with the seller that something might come up when the buyer orders an inspection.  We also advise that they can have an inspection done before listing the home to take care of anything before it becomes an issue. 

Maybe you could do property inspection mini-seminars to local Realtors.  You could talk about inspections, pre-listing inspections, etc.  It would promote your business and it might also cut down on some problems.  ????



Jun 27, 2008 09:47 AM
Bill C. Merrell
Merrell Institute ~ Appraisal Education Network - Bohemia, NY
Ph.D. - Merrell Institue

Realtors see a home with rose colored glses, the half illed concept is really there.

Homes, even those with problems are still good for some buyers.

There is a home for every seller and every buyer.

All the best- keep on blogging.


Jun 27, 2008 09:55 AM
Chad Robenhorst Appleton Wisconsin
ColdwellBanker The Real Estate Group - Appleton, WI

I don't seem to have a problem in this area. All my buyers are informed what we are looking for before we go in the home. All parties need to be informed of what a DEFECT is. If there is a defect or safety hazard it needs to be corrected. If you don't explain this you will have very upset buyers.

Jun 27, 2008 09:58 AM
Stephen Graham
Inactive - Atlanta, GA

Agents should welcome an inspection report that presents the facts.

Jun 27, 2008 10:00 AM
Howard Walsh
KidMoses - Leamington, ON

To be fair, realtors just want to sell houses and there is a buyer for every house. Unfortunately, delivering bad news just makes us home inspectors out to be the bad guys. Then when the houses doesn't sell, or the realtor has to renegotiate the price, it's our fault.

Jun 27, 2008 10:07 AM
Leonard Ungar

Thank's for your comments,

Howard you are correct they just want to sell the house, and my point is that it's not our fault that they are trying to pawn something off and if problems popup they blame us. Oh! buy the way did you know the inspector took the boiler  apart that's why it's not working, Haaaaa,Haaaaa.

Regard Len Ungar

Jun 27, 2008 10:49 AM
Bill C. Merrell
Merrell Institute ~ Appraisal Education Network - Bohemia, NY
Ph.D. - Merrell Institue

Len- keep on blogging- Our sudents need to hear from you

All the best.



Aug 21, 2009 01:22 PM