Your $25 dining dough gift, HWA

Services for Real Estate Pros with Home Warranty of America

How about a no brainer way to earn a $25 dining dough gift certificate?

Just answer these 5 fun simple questions and watch a fun short video presentation by logging in here.

1.  Does your valued client want and DESERVE a 13 month home protection plan or only 12 months?

a.  13 months
b.  12 months

2.  Does your valued client want the most comprehensive program covering the washer, dryer, refrigerator, roof leak repair and 25 additional items not covered by traditional warranty plans?

a.  most comprehensive
b.  least comprehensive

3.  Do  you want to earn a $70 or $60 marketing reimbursement/discount?

a.  $70
b.  $60

4.  Do you want to partner with a company that will market your name 5 times a year to your customer to generate more leads for you or one that does nothing at all to help get your phone ringing.

a.  lead generating partner
b.  order taking partner

5.  Do you realize as an independant agent, you can choose the warranty partner that wil best service your client.

a.  of course i can choose (sorry, only one answer for this so its a freebie!)

Congratulations, if you answered A to all of the above, we are all winners!  You, me, and most importantly, your client!! 

Don't forget to watch the fun
video presentation to redeem your $25 dining dough gift certificate!!!!


6.  Have you protected ALL your sellers by ordering our home warranty which is  free during the listing period?

a.  yes, I've got my sellers  and myself protected
b.  no, I better place a call or order on line immediately from HWA!

(tip:  covering your seller during the listing period also better protects the buyer in the transaction, since we covered the major mechanicals and appliances during the listing period, buyer post sale claim issues are minimized.)

(tip 2:  make sure your sellers HVAC is covered during the listing period-especially with properties staying on the market for longer periods of time.  HWA charges only $50 for this industry option due at the time of closing).

7.  Do you offer ALL your buyers the benefits of our 13 month warranty and did you include our name and price in the contract?

a.  yes, and I ordered it so I knew I got the best policy and got credit for the marketing reimbursement.
b.  no,  I got my commission check and don't want anything more to do with this buyer. 

You can download our
current brochure here or visit our website for more information.  You can also register to watch a fun video about our programs,  or better yet give me a ring.  I'd be glad to assist you in processing orders, answering questions, or just sharing some marketing tips!

HWA all the way!!  Making it easy for you and your clients!

Diana Giles

Home Warranty of America
Tel: 888-492-7359
Fax: 888-492-7360

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