Whatcom County September 2021 Real Estate Recap

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All Roads Lead to Higher Intensity
Extreme frenzy Sales Activity Intensity™ continued in Whatcom County throughout the month of September, which supports premium pricing for new listings within those high-intensity price ranges. The housing market intensity for each new listing will continue its upward trajectory as the first of the year approaches.  

In Whatcom County, 97 percent of local sales take place up to the $1 million price point. This range is virtually sold out and has predominantly extreme frenzy Sales Activity Intensity.™ Luxury sales activity from $1 to $3 million is healthy.

In order to maximize the sale of your home, it’s important to go into the sale with a complete understanding of the hyperlocal market. Each home has about 10 similar houses known as a seller peer group. This set of houses is similar in size, price and location, but the data on each within the last 1-2 months can help you determine the best pricing strategy with your trusted broker associate.

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