Signs of a spiritual connection with someone

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

I have been fascinated with the topic of soul ties for a while now. I first learned about it when I got with my now ex-boyfriend. 


We experienced an unexplainable connection from the moment we met. Things just flowed and we immediately became great friends. 


It was as if we were spiritually aligned in our values, thinking, and timeline. Of course, that kind of spiritual connection made it very easy to get into a romantic relationship. 


Looking back now, I know that he is one of my soulmates. And I’m grateful to have had such a strong spiritual connection with someone. Because finding a soulmate is a blessing only a few people will experience in their life. 

Unfortunately, those connections don’t always last forever. Just like any other person in my life, some are meant to stay while others are not. 


And now that the relationship is over and I had time to reflect, I am able to identify the different things that led to such a strong soul tie.


Here are 3 signs of a spiritual connection with someone!


  • Divine alignment 

When you meet someone you are spiritually connected with you will experience divine alignment. It will feel like both of you are in the same season of life and met at the perfect time. In my case, it was a season of growth and vulnerability. We both were ready to grow as people and learn to open up. Divine alignment happens always when you are truly aligned with your purpose and ready for who God has called you to be.


  • You feel at home in their presence

One of the most beautiful signs about having a soulmate connection with someone is that you feel comfortable when you are with this person. You don’t overthink everything or constantly feel uncertain. When you are with them you feel comfortable and like you are safe and home. You can be 100 % yourself when they are around, are able to let your guard down, and allow love in. 


  • You can talk about anything 

It’s no secret that one of the most important traits of a healthy relationship is communication. Unfortunately, it is still very hard for many couples to have effective communication, because our fear and ego often get in the way. When you are with your soulmate, however, communication is easy because you are not afraid of judgment or dismissal. Instead, you feel like you can tell them anything. 


  • You feel emotionally connected

The last sign that you have a spiritual connection with someone is definitely that you feel emotionally intertwined. If you can feel what they are feeling even when you are not together and your emotions seem to be affected by theirs then you share a strong bond with this person. I know, because that happened to me before. It’s like a strange sense of awareness that the emotions you are feeling are not yours and yet you are experiencing them. 


These are the four signs of a spiritual connection I discovered. But I know there are many more. What are some of yours? 


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