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10 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

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Purchasing a home is a stunning achievement, but once you've finished the transaction and moved into your new home, you'll need the tools every homeowner needs. In other words, you no longer have a landlord who is responsible for fixing your leaking toilet or dripping faucet.

What's the positive side of things? Having a few essential tools in your toolbox might assist you in performing some common repairs on your own. Repair professionals typically charge between $60 and $65 an hour. Being your jack-of-all-trades can also save you money.

What Are The Tools Every Homeowner Needs?

Then, listed here are ten tools every homeowner needs:

1. Hammer with a claw on one end

You certainly already have one of these. The flat side of the hammerhead is used for pounding. Then, the V-shaped side is used to disengage nails from surfaces such as wood without damaging the nails or the character. 

The materials used in constructing your claw hammer should be resistant to extreme weather conditions while also reducing the vibrations that transfer from the hammer to your arm.
Realty Fresno will tell you about the best Hammer with a claw on one end you can choose.

2. Set of manual screwdrivers

The second tool every homeowner needs is a set of manual screwdrivers. In any household, a manual screwdriver is one of the most frequently used tools. You can use it for various tasks such as assembling furniture, removing light switch covers, and tightening cabinet knobs, to name a few. However, because several screw heads and sizes are available, it is best to ask Realty Fresno about purchasing a bundle that includes various blade tips and measures.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs Screwdriver

3. Drilling with a cordless drill

Brian Kelsey, a contractor and the host of the web video series "Kelsey on the House," predicts that a cordless drill will be the "most often used instrument in your tool kit." Using a battery-powered drill eliminates the need to worry about locating an electrical outlet or snaking a cord into difficult-to-reach areas while mounting a flat-screen television, tightening hinges, or cutting out holes for doorknobs and knobs.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs Drill

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4. Level

You don't want your artwork, mirrors, or shelving to be hung at an angle, do you? Make use of a laser level to ensure that everything is square and level. Realty Fresno has a good option for individuals on a tight budget on choosing the laser level. Suppose you’ve prepared to spend a little more money. Hammerhead Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with Clamp can then produce a bright horizontal, vertical, or cross-line on any surface from a distance of up to 30 feet in this instance (helping you hang goods at equally spaced intervals).

5. Needle-nose pliers and 6. tongue-and-groove pliers

Tools every homeowner needs is to invest in a pair of needle-nose pliers as well as a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers, according to Irving. The needle-nose pliers help bend and gripping nails and wires in tight spaces where bulkier equipment or fingers can't reach; the tongue-and-groove pliers are helpful for operations that need fastening and crimping of various types of materials.

6. Allen wrenches in a set

When it comes to driving bolts and screws into hexagonal sockets, the hex key (also known as an Allen wrench) is the compact, L-shaped tool you need. An Allen wrench is a favourite of furniture designers, and it is frequently included in build-it-yourself furniture. However, You may also use an Allen wrench for basic plumbing repairs, such as unjamming garbage disposal.

7. Putty knife to spread putty on surfaces

Using a putty or spackle knife with a strong, Realty Fresno is recommended a metal two-inch blade when filling cracks or scraping away dry paint or applying caulk.

8. Stapler using a staple gun

Suitable for various stapling tasks such as stacking carpet, securing fabric, and putting insulation sheets, staple guns are ideal for fastening activities requiring a lot of force. Because they are often easier to operate and less expensive than electric and pneumatic staple guns, manual staple guns are the instrument of choice for most home improvement projects.

9. Tape measure with a digital displayThe last tool every homeowner needs is a tape measure. A digital tape measure makes it easier to record and convert measurements more rapidly and accurately than a traditional tape measure. eTape16 Digital Tape Measure includes a measuring range of up to 16 feet and a memory function that saves measurements. This is a convenient grip feature for those times when you're standing on a ladder and don't want to mess with a pen and piece of paper.

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