The More You Do It

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Some simple words: the more you do it… Whatever it is you want to improve upon. A single-word definition for it is practice. Do we have your attention? Whether it is getting a job (that would be preparing a resume, practicing the interview before it happens, you know, in the mirror by yourself, with your spouse or a friend, write out questions and review them over and over them.

If you are aging and feel your body is weakening or your memory is slipping, you can change that, when you begin now! The idea of memory simple-you used to do 14 things in a day, now you only have one or two, and your memory is slipping, it is because you are not exercising your mind as much as you did twenty years ago. So make a list, when you only have five things to do today, and you have them written down it puts you back somewhat where things were twenty years ago, and you are not leaving your mind to just be blank, with nothing working in there.

You know the drill, as simple as when you took tests in school or prepared for competing in any sporting event. When it came to golf, Tiger knew the more he did it, the better he would be MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY as well as physically.

Wherever you are the weakest now in your life, begin doing more to strengthen yourself, to wherever you are a month from now it would be no contest for you to beat where you are right now.

I hope your day is as great as mine

Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man

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